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Published: 14 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

There are many reasons why Suntan Supply is very bad company but I intend on keeping this to the most objectionable ones. After working in the service department for several years I witnessed countless events that made me absolutely disgusted. The lack of professionalism and decency in this company is one thing, but they take it to another level of disregard for health codes, safetey regulations, and labor laws. The first thing you will notice after making the regretable decision to become work for this company is the water on premesis is not sanitary. If you drink it you will get violent diahrea at the very least and possibly serious illness. But the only way to find that out is to learn the hard way, when new employees arrive it is rarely menioned to them by anyone because it is funny to them. The maturity level of several employees also leads to the childish prank of clogging toilets with massive amounts of toilet paper or other foreign objects. After clogging the toilets employees would then deficate ontop of it and leave large unflushable piles of filth to fester for long periods of time. Another childish past time of many Suntan Supply employees was “”mixing chemicals””, as they called it, for no reason other than to relieve boredom in hopes of creating some kind of reaction. This was done with no regard to safety of others, often fumegating the repairshop and warehouse areas. This often caused other employees to cough and choke while trying to work. Other employees who were not intentionally wreckless would still find ways to create problems by being ignorant. Several of them would spray excessive amounts of solvants, petroleum ether, and spray paint while working near other employees causing similar respritory issues. The windows in this facility are rarely opened and there is no ventilation system, which should be required for indoor painting at a workplace. Then there are more serious issues like the bulbs. These mercury containing UV bulbs were constantly broken and either left on the ground to be cleaned later or sweapt up with lazy attention to detail. The broken bulbs are even kept in open cardboard boxes allowing the toxic and carcinogenic mercury vapors to slowly dissepate and saturate the air of their facility. This part isn’t so bad for the managment and sales team who works in a seperate closed off area, but all of the warehouse and shop employees work all day breathing in contaminated air. Those are only the in-house issues, a big part of working for this company is traveling. Without getting into too many details I will just say that the fleet of vehicles is consist of death machines on wheels. We were once forced to work around a massive hole in one of the box truck beds for an entire year before it was fixed. While unloading, breaking down, reassembling the tanning units on the truck we often had to carry large objects (the entire beds or individual components depending on the model). While carrying these large and heavy tanning beds vision was usually obstructed, by only an act of God no one ever stepped into the hole and snapped their leg in half. I stepped in it once but was lucky enough not to be carrying anything, all I recieved were some nasty cuts on my leg from the edges. Besides holes in the working area of the trucks, every other aspect of the vehicles was neglected. Lights could randomly shut off while driving at night, one truck had a speedometer that would go in circles, another truck once lost breaks and power steering while we were driving. The lift gates on these trucks are half the size of the tanning beds that need to be unloaded on them. Because of this employees have to dangle form the edges or stand undeath the part of a bed hanging over the edge holding it up – hoping the weight doesn’t shift and cause the bed to fall onto them crushing them indefinately. This is incredibly dangerous to say the least. The driver practices are also questionable. I was once forced to drive all the way from Ohio to northern Michigan after spending the previous 18hrs working and on the road. I had come home from a job in Michigan but forgot a cardboard box at the location we worked at. The owner of the company was so angry of a cardboard box that he made me drive back just to retriive it. He didn’t care that it was frozen to the ground due to it being winter and raining before a tempature drop. On the way back I fell asleep at the wheel and drove off the road flipping the truck over. I could have easily died or killed another motorist on the road. Go and figure he ended up being happy that I got in an accidenct because the insurance company quoted the totaled vehicle for much more than it was worth at the time. He made money off it and was happy. Back to the warehouse, it was well known that a certain fork-lift operator was an alcoholic. I don’t know if he was drunk or hungover but some days you did not want to be anywhere near the place or risk getting ran over. Knowing this the company did not care and allowed him to operate a deadly vehicle at top speed, flying around corners without using a horn. Eventually a slate full of akrylic sheets was knocked over by the forklift, falling about 40 feet before shattering. They feel into a work area but luckily no one was there at the time or they would have easily been decapitated. The drunken forklift driver was allowed back onto the machine a few weeks later and even after getting out of jail for drinking and driving. These are just a few examples. Please do not work here. Your life is not worth losing for such a lousy pay rate. You can go flip burgers for the same amount of money but you will not have to worry about losing a limb, getting cancer or dying.

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