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Published: 07 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Salesperson called and asked for one of our warehouse people. He offered to send a free catalog so our man said ok. He then said he would throw in a couple of bulbs and Bass Pro Shop certificates. Our warehouse person did not know any better so he said ok, even though he is not authorized to make purchases. Light bulbs came. More than 30 days later we get a phone call from Superior demanding payment of $239.40 for the light bulbs. Plus, they will not return them as it is past their return policy. I told him we would not pay the bill… he threatened to ruin our credit. We have been in business 111 years and have an A+ credit rating so I told him to bring it on… we would see him in the Kansas courts. DO NOT PAY THIS COMPANY. They use threats but will not follow through on them.

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