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Published: 28 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

DON’T WORK FOR THIS COMPANY!!! IT’S RAN BY A CON ARTIST NAMED Sean Gustavson! Sean is a compulsive liar! I would like to explicitly state that matter who you are you will be selling Direct TV in Sam’s or Best Buy over 12 hour a day and 6 days a week. This little a*hole will start you out as a sales rep. Then fill your head with dreams of being manager and taking over your own office. YOU HAVE A BETTER CHANCE WINNING THE LOTTERY THAN GETTING RICH AS A MANAGER IN HIS BUISNESS. YOU COMPLETE THE MANAGEMENT TRAINING PROGRAM, HE WILL STILL FORCE YOU TO ANNOY CUSTOMERS AND TRY TO SELL THEM DIRECT TV. UNTIL HE THINKS YOU ARE READY!! HE WILL HAVE HIS ASSISTANT MANAGERS DO ALL THE WORK FOR HIM SO HE LITERALLY DOES NOTHING BUT KEEP THE LIE GOING TO COLLECT MONEY. Almost every person who works here is dead broke!! A lot of these people are emotionally unstable individuals who need to be constantly watched and guided, because they are unable to live in society dependently and function normally. Sean has the “ability” (though moral individuals would call this a lack of conscience) to look these people in the face, smile confidently and lie to them. He dangle’s the carrot” and convinces these unstable people that he is there for them and that he wants to help them go to the next level. His actions are never to help the individual but to benefit himself. He displays numerous anti social personality traits from degrees of grandeur, to narcissism and compulsively lies to everyone in his life. He does not feel bad either. He encourages the members in the office to go out and drink often so they forget about what they are doing with their lives. While Sean Gustavson may come off as a genuine person he is not. I have seen him betray and lie to even his closest friends. Anyone educated will easily discover the true nature of his character. Sean Gustavson has a very a short temper and is extremely selfish. He does not care about anyone who does not immediately is making him money by selling Direct TV for his business. This is not just my opinion; everything I have said is undeniable and very easily provable. He will hire anyone to sell Direct TV for him whether they have a criminal background, are convicted felons or sex offenders. There iis a background check but as long as you don’t have theft you’re golden. It is a 100% undisputed and undeniable fact that convicted violent felons work in his offices. YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE VALUABLE WORKING A REAL SALES JOB WITH A BASE SALARY, COMPANY BENEFITS AND WORK FOR REAL CLIENTS AND WITH REAL PEOPLE WHO SEEK YOUR SERVICES, NOT ATTEMPTING TO CONVINCE PEOPLE TO BUY CHEAP CANCER CAUSING MAKE UP. AND YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO LIE AND HURT PEOPLE IN THE PROCESS. .

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