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Published: 20 January 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

On their first day they didn’t show up at all and didn’t call us. We had to call them and they told us not to worry it will be done eventually. The next day they were supposed to show up at 7 a.m. and were very late and didn’t even bother calling to let us know. My husband called them repeatedly and we finally received a call back saying they were tied up at another job and they would be here around 12 p.m. They didn’t show up until after 2. The owner and the guy who gave us our quote ensured us he would be coming by and checking up on his crew, but never once showed up in the 3 days they were here. We were also told that when they were done painting our house he would come and inspect it to make sure they did it right. When we waited for him to show up he never showed. My husband called him and asked when he was going to pick up his check and make sure the job was done right and he said to give the check to his foreman because he didn’t have time to come by and make sure the job was done correctly. We have 4 flood lights that worked perfectly fine until his workers broke them and didn’t even bother telling us they did. They just shoved the flood lights back into their sockets and left. I turned on the flood lights later and found out that all 4 of them on both sides of the house didn’t work. I took a ladder to see if maybe the lights somehow got loose and when I touched one of them it fell into my hands. I called up the owner and left a message that night and the next day. He called very late the next day and said that his workers always pop out the flood lights when they work and it’s a matter of popping them back in and he’d be by the following day to do it. I waited the next day all day and didn’t leave the house. When it was getting later and later I eventually called him up and left a message asking him where he was and saying he could have at least let me know he wasn’t coming by as I had stayed home waiting for nothing. He didn’t call back. The next day my husband called from his cell phone and because he didn’t recognize the number he answered the phone and told my husband a different story. He said that his workers never touch the lights and that we must have broken them. He said he would come by the next day to look at them. He never stated a time so my husband called back 5 mintues later and he didn’t answer the phone. I called back and said I’m tired of getting the run-around and that now he’s changing his story from the original one. He called back and assured me he wasn’t giving me the run around and that he would be by. He came by and said all 4 of our lights were defective and his guys knew it. I said, “How can all 4 lights be defective at the same time when they worked the day before his painters came?” He just kept repeating himself saying they were defective and then said some other story about how the painters turned off the electricity so they wouldn’t get electrocuted because they noticed something was wrong with the lights. I said, “How could they turn off the electricity when the circuit breaker is inside our garage? And if they knew the lights were supposedly defective why didn’t they tell us instead of sticking them back in the light sockets?” He didn’t have an answer for that. He just kept questioning me about when I turned the lights on and kept getting me confused by repeatedly asking me about the lights and when I turned them on. I reported him to the BBB and he wrote back saying I was lying and I kept changing my story which wasn’t true. I was just trying to remember the dates and trying to figure out why he kept asking me about these lights. Then he told the BBB he spoke to my husband about the bad job that was done to our door and he was going to contact the paint supplier he used to find out why our door paint was bubbling, when in fact he never contacted my husband about any defective paint and lied about doing so. He changes his facts so much he doesn’t know whether he’s coming and going. He’s so busy trying to defend himself that instead of just apologizing and moving on he keeps coming up with more lies and deception to make himself look good. I want everyone to know what they are getting themselves into if they ever use this company. This man is a con-artist and the public needs to know about them. Thank you.

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