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Published: 06 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Approached by a twink at the express lane offering an unlimited pass for one month for $6.95. Since the wash I was there for cost $5.00, I signed up. A few months later, the same scenario happened with one of my other vehicles. I signed up again for $6.95 for a month. Lo and behold, they’ve been charging my debit card $16.95 per month times two, ever since. (Over a year). I went to the Peoria store and Kerri, the Assistant Manager had me fill out cancellation paperwork for both fraudulent accounts. I asked her to look up the last time either of the two accounts had actually been used for a car wash. First one was January 4, 2014. The second, May 24, 2014. Kerri said she’d take the cancellation paperwork directly to their home office since she would be working there on Monday, February 2, 2015. She also recommended that we call the home office in order to get a refund processed. Today, Monday February 2, 2015, we did just that. Rebecca answered the phone. She told my wife that the dates Kerri had given us were erroneous, and that she would have Yisennia or her supervisor call back. Hours passed. Nobody called. So I called the number Kerri gave me for the home office. 623-925-8090. I called at least 20 times. Every time, it went straight to voice mail. So I called the Peoria store again. This time I talked to Jaime. I explained the situation, and asked that he look up the last dates either of the fast passes had been used. He gave me the exact same dates that Kerri had yesterday. I asked for an alternative phone number for the main office, since all I got was voice mail. He gave me 623-536-5956. So I called that number. This time, Rebecca actually answered. I again explained the situation. After several minutes, Yisennia came on. She said the dates the Peoria store gave me were erroneous. That the passes had been used as recently as July 16, 2014 and May 27, 2014. I asked her to explain why their retail outlet gave me the exact same dates of usage, but that her records showed something different. She said she’d have to look into it and would call me back. I offered to hold since her store was able to look up the same information in minutes. She declined, and said she’d be hanging up. And she did. I’ll update this if I ever hear back from these fraudulent slimeballs. FYI, the owner of Superstar Car Wash is Rezna Amirrezvani. Yissenia would not give me his (her) contact information. .

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