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Published: 27 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Supplement warehouse is an online supplement store whose biggest claim to fame is that they offer a 5% price match guarantee. I’ve tried using them twice now, thinking maybe i messed up on my price matches or they expired without me knowing. That wasn’t the case. Apparently they only give price matches on, well nothing. I wish I would have come here and checked before i tried to order from them because there are other consumer issues regarding their price match guarantee. Twice now I have put $70 worth of items in my cart, utilizing their price matches to shave off about $15 off my total, and each time they send me an email saying they couldn’t verify my price matches and are now going to charge me the full price, over $85. What a bunch of scam artists this place is. They even manage to hide at the very end of their policy page a second price match policy which lists the reasons why they might decline a price match, which turns out to be any reason they feel like so they can still get more money. Luckily I have not been charged yet. I sent an order 2 days ago, and immediately contacted them with my issue but have yet to recieve a response. Look if you offer customers something, fallow through with it. Don’t get peoples hopes up and then try to rip them off. Its obvious supplement warehouse is in it for the money and don’t care one ioda about their customers. They throw out lies to get some people to order from them and try to rip everyone off the first chance they get. My case might be meager compared to other peoples on here but I still wanted to get this out there and try to save others some hassle since it coincides with other reports. All I know is I am now trying to avoid this place like the plague and advise others to also. .

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