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Published: 24 October 2018

Posted by: Reviewer79666

He took me on as a client and after a few sessions disappeared saying he was sick and went home out of state. he did not tell me . he relayed it to another therapist. he did not call his clients and say he would not be ther. I went and he was not there. he emailed he was sick and back and could meet MWF but no date. I went and he was not there. I had done nothing to him until in Dec. I finally made complaint with the board of social work about his withdrawal of support and communication. he never returned one phone call. That was not professional to harm an already hurting client from rejection elsewhere. I looked to him for healing and he rejected me for no reason, no contact and no closure. He never returned one call. He injured me and I will never trust another male therapist as long as I live. That does not say very much for his supportive counseling to have harmed me this way. There was not cause. I am hurting and abandoned and rejected and without help. He did not care apparently. If he could not take my insurance he never said so. he never gave me any reason for no further contact. He hurt me and for not reason and should not be doing that to clients. Do not believe he will be supportive when he will ignore you and discard you. no closure, not reasons, no ending of the relationship professionally. That was not good professional behavior.

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