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Published: 11 September 2018

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I bought what looked like a great grill from LOWES of all places. And unfortunately what I bought was a complete nightmare. After using the grill for about a year it started to malfunction. At first it would not light unless I used a long lighter. And eventually it turned into a VERY DANGEROUS grill. I was badly burned when lighting my grill because it exploded Fire from built up gas inside. It singed the hair from my arms and left me with red very soar hands for a few weeks. I contacted the company and have had nothing but a run-around since then. I contacted LOWE’s and they told me to reach out to the manufacturer. Only they are the shadiest company I have ever seen. When you look them up you cannot find any email contact for them at all. On Whois website they are listed as private. And on their own website when you try to use the contact form it just errors out. The only option you have is to call them based on the number on their website. First let me say how ashamed LOWE’s should be for carrying a grill from a company with such a bad reputation as SURE HEAT manufacturing. I only wish I looked them up before buying this grill from LOWES. My story stretches over a long period of time. I reached out to them when this all happened and the contact at the company I was given was Lauren Williamson: (email address removed by admin) I originally sent her this message, ” I bought the sonoma grill and have had serious problems with it. I am afraid to use it I lit it yesterday and It literally blew up in my face. It burned my hand and nearly got my face. I need someone to help me here with this please.” response from Lauren: Subject: RE: Sure Heat Contact Form: Hi Mr. Sniecinski, I’m so sorry your having problems with your grill. Can I get your model number? Also, you might want to check your burners for cracks and take a pipe cleaner and clean inside them. It sounds like your burners are either cracked or clogged my response: Hello Lauren, thanks for getting back to me.. I have been gone this week.. I will check for cracks..and get you the model number no problem.. I am not very mechanically inclined.. however I will try to look and see what you are saying here.. What do I clean them with? can I buy that at Lowe’s? I am pretty concerned here though.. if this were my children starting the grille that could have been terrible. I have read in some forums that this grille has done this before.. I am a little worried that this grille may clog again and burn my kids or myself even worse next time.. Please advise.. Kyle Sniecinski Response from Lauren 2: “Yeah sometimes it does this when people don’t notice that there are cracks in the burners or when there’s something clogging them. Insects like to hide in them and believe it or not, has caused this to happen to some people.” My respons 2: Hello Lauren this is Kyle Sniecinski about our Grille. Please check our previous correspondence. I haven’t heard back from you about any resolution or solution from your company. My grill had been having a hard time starting then it would explode with flames which burnt me pretty good this summer. I started communication with you this summer and still have not gotten any results. You asked me to check the lines and the burners. I had a heating and air friend of mine come out he said there is definitely something wrong with my unit. I am requesting a resolution here for this grille. I would like to know if you can just replace my grille or send me a new one. I have been going on for a year now with you guys and need help here. If not I will send my pictures to my Lawyer for a consultation. Lauren please take care of me here. Kyle Sniecinski Response from Lauren 3: Hey Mr. Snieckinski, Unfortunately, we don’t even make grills anymore and don’t have any extras to replace it with. I can try to talk to a manager again for you about it but I’m pretty sure they won’t do anything since you are no longer under warranty. I have been told that all you can really do is replace the parts for your grill that are messed up. AND AT THIS POINT SHE WOULD NEVER RETURN MY EMAILS AGAIN. After exhausting and trying everything I could they just Blew me OFF! I couldn’t believe it.. So to my surprise I look on their site yesterday and they are still offering Grills so I call and find out Lauren is still with the company and email her My email: Hello I have never heard back and I am not sure why.. In your last email you claimed to not be making grills anymore.. I assumed that I was being blown off. To my surprise I ran across our correspondence and emails and went to your website which was still live and I see grill models that are displayed and are current. I feel very upset that you never took care of me here when my grill was defective and was exploding, and then claimed not to be able to take care of this for me since you no longer made grills. This grill burned my hands pretty badly and I believe I sent you the pictures of what happened to me. I I am going to ask one more time that your company take care of this for me. All I am asking for is a replacement / safe grill. If your company doesn’t take care of this I will be forced to contact my attorney and send this information to my friend in the media. Please reach me asap Then I call back and reach Natalie the Receptionist that refuses to give me any email contact for anyone at the company. She also would not connect me with anyone. She put me on a brief hold and talked with Lauren and then told me that Lauren no longer deals with these issues and that she would forward my email to someone named Catlyn with Sure Heat and that she would reach out to me. And I am not surprised that once again no one has contacted me back. I WOULD WARN ANYONE LOOKING TO BUY ANYTHING FROM SURE HEAT MANUFACTURING IN GA. especially large reputable stores like LOWE’s all the way to consumers of products from gas logs, fireboxes, wall heaters, stoves, patio heaters, smoker ovens, Grills, etc. to consider the company itself who will not stand by their own products or seek to be sure they are not producing dangerous products. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY PERIOD! .

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