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The worst place you can go for losing weight

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Published: 10 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

My mother was nagging me about how I had gained so much weight for a long time now. Some of my favourite clothes were just hanging in my closet as I was too big for them to fit me. There comes a time when you can’t take it anymore and you want to make a change. Since I am a big foodie, I was looking for an alternative to shedding some pounds. Working out seemed to be the best option for me. One of my friend-cum-enemy who doesn’t want me to lose weight recommended me this worthless place called Surge Cycling. It is a cycling studio that doesn’t help you shed even a few pounds. The registration fee is just too high and their attitude is even worse. I started with their spin class and the instructor of the class was bad to the bone. Spinning classes are recommended to people who want to lose weight from their lower body but my target was my upper back, shoulders, and arms. If you want an overall body workout you have to add another workout routine along with spinning to get the required results, however, because of their poor judgment, they wasted my time and money on this useless spinning class. The class had an indoor setting which makes it so suffocating and congested at times. All of the staff and instructors were lazy and inefficient. The instructor doesn’t guide about the modifications in exercise moves even if you have a back or knee problem. My back has been aching for a week now because of that pathetic workout session. The playlist they play is just fucking boring and lack variety which makes it even harder to work out because the time gets stuck and never passes. The bikes are very cheap and of low quality. I biked in with an instructor for about 45 minutes and the number of calories I burned was very low. It doesn’t get your heart rate as high as it should and you don’t sweat at all, so why the hell would you burn calories when everything is at such a slow speed. I went there every morning for 4 weeks but I could only lose 2 fucking pounds. They don’t even offer any diet plans along with work out sessions which are an essential part of shedding weight. The introductory class fee is just too high and if you want to book, the last minute the price gets even higher because there are limited spots available. The overall purchase of packs of classes is just too expensive. They should lower their rates if they don’t want to shut off. They don’t allow people to book bikes ahead of time. Everyone is lined up outside the door to grab a bike and it gets very hectic and busy. If you are into biking and jamming never try out this place because it’s a total waste of time and money. I am already on the lookout to find another place because I don’t want to waste my time anymore with these jerks.

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