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Published: 13 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Surminda Mack or Surminda Carter, aka Minda or Bianca Carter, is not a good person. I used to be a friend for many years, but not anymore. Actually, I saved her from becoming jobless (and homeless) by writing the rebuttal on the complaint against her by someone else. Anyone who knows her would know that she’s incapable of writing a rebuttal. But for me, this is what happened. She was working as a caregiver in Las Vegas and she kept calling me to tell me how unhappy she was over there. So I helped her look for a job here in Southern California. I did find her one, but again, she was unhappy. Complaints, complaint, complaint. Finally it was a mutual termination and I found her another job. This family then Googled her and found the complaint from one girl she used to know. So they fired her. I had to write the rebuttal so future employers will believe her or hopefully that employer will hire her back. Actually, what I wrote in the rebuttal are things Minda told me. I just worded them in English. Again, I had to find her a job. She begged me and told me she’ll give me a finder’s fee. This time she was just staying at her boyfriend’s sister’s house and she can’t stay there for a long time. I knew it was a matter of time before she becomes homeless. So I hurriedly took the time from my work and advertised for her and looked and looked for a job for her. If not for my communicating skills and my effort, she would never have found jobs that fast. She thinks jobs are easy to find because I found them faster than other people she knew. Well, it’s because I really took the time and effort to find them. It was many hours of communicating with prospective employers. Hours of phoning, emailing, texting, advertising. Anyway, she got an interview. I had to coach her on what to wear and what to say. She tends to be uncouth and wear low necklines or wear too much jewelry. And voila, she got the job! Then comes time for payment for my finder’s fee. She promised, and promised but it never came. Finally after 2 or 3 months I had to go up to where she worked to collect. She only gave me partial payment and not willingly. So that I won’t come back for the rest of the money, she told her employer lies about me that her employer hates me now. Even though she only heard it from Minda. Minda lies. Not only that, she’s also a mean person. She’s self serving. She’ll be a friend only when she needs you. She doesn’t know the meaning of gratitude. She doesn’t know the meaning of the Golden Rule. In her world, everything is only for Minda. She’s narcissistic, always concerned how others see her, how she looks like, especially to men. Especially if the man has money. That girl who wrote the complaint against her is right. She told me about a couple of girls that she knew who were looking for a job. I tried to help them too and I found one. I told her to call her friend. She wouldn’t tell them about the job and she didn’t want me to get them a job. She told me lies about them. Luckily I persisted and got one girl a job. I got to know her and I was surprised that she’s such a good person and a good worker. I’m glad I got to help her even though I didn’t ask her for a finder’s fee for this job. It was then that I realized that Minda doesn’t want anyone to ever be ahead of her. She wants to push people down so she could be on top. Oh, I could go on and on but I decided to delete them. I think what I wrote above is enough. So beware, and don’t even try to be a friend to her. Eventually this friendship will break you except if she needs you. You’ll never know if she’s telling the truth or not. Even I, after many years, still don’t know why she’d hide the truth or embellish it and why she’d even lie about things, when I know her inside and out. Or do I?

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