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Published: 04 January 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I have been searching for a puppy for quite sometime, I selected the breed I wanted, Boston Terrier, and did my research on local breeders. I found what seemed to be a “reputable breeder” by the name of Kristin Ryan aka SurrySide Puppies out of Gloucester MA. It was evident that her puppies go very quickly so when I saw a pup I was interested in, I put a deposit on him via PayPal to Kristin Ryan. She assured me that she guarantees her dogs, and pretends to be so passionate about her animals and the puppies that they birth. Which couldn’t be any farther than the truth. Upon arrival at this breeders house to visit my puppy I put a deposit on, keep in mind I had to constantly contact her for days just to set up a time to meet my puppy, I was utterly shocked at the conditions at this house. Dingy, smelly, and cramped was the first thoughts coming to mind. When I finally saw my pup, he was very sleepy, and had dog feces on his head. Kristin reassured me he was tired just because he was only 6weeks old, but my whole visit he just slept. He had dandruff and was not clean. In that moment I knew I had to get this puppy out of these conditions as soon as possible. This breeder has numerous chickens that wander around her yard where the dogs and puppies play. These dogs are clearly subjected to countless diseases that chickens carry. It was also evident of feces throughout her yard, utterly disgusting. The day of pick up, my puppy was only 7weeks of age, I was unaware at the time pups shouldn’t leave their mother until at least 8-12 weeks. Looking in my paperwork it is shown that my pup was grouped in another liter not corresponding to his biological liter mates and I never got a clear answer as to why, and why my pups mother was never visible at her house. My puppy started vomiting 3 days after pick up from this breeder, the following mornings he was rushed into the ICU for severe dehydration and almost died. Over the course of a month my puppy has been to the vet more times than I can count and my medical bills keep piling up. He has every kind of worm and parasite a puppy can get. All due to unsanitary conditions from the breeders house. I want all buyers to beware of this backyard breeder who cares more about a profit than the well being of these innocent animals. Her dogs are breed over and over and once they’re no longer able to produce puppies, she puts them up for adoption. This woman abusing these animals and it needs to stop. I will never give up on my puppy and will continue to give him the best medical care regardless of the money. Please do not purchase a puppy from Kristin Ryan aka SurrySide Puppies in Gloucester MA.

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