Susan Button

Susan Button wants money and adventure in exchange for sex

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Published: 26 May 2017

Posted by: Denny M. Batchelder

I got to know Susan Button from this website called the ‘Seeking Arrangements’ aka SA. This website is for sugar daddy’s, in layman’s language I mean married men. So I joined this website a month a ago and she was one of those whom I spoke at the early stage of joining the SA.

After I made contact with Susan Button, I found something weird. And the weird part is not that I am a sugar daddy, judge me. I don’t care. I just read through the entire website and found that Susan Button is not a victim of what she claims to be. This woman is what she is in the damn picture, in her SA profile. She is a young girl who is ‘seeking arrangements’.

Well, I tried to find the real motives behind her being on the website, and found out that she prefers married men. She claims to not be using her profile anymore and as a matter of fact, claims that she is not talking to married men, where as she actually is. She prefers mutually beneficial relationships and no strings attached kinda things.

Mainly she is looking for money or trips and adventure or whatever, I don’t know, but all in exchange for sex. She claims to be a believer in god and says she constantly prays etc, but this is pissing. I mean, at least be real and true to yourself, all I want to say to her. Beware of her folks!

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