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Scammed, botched and deceived by Susan L. Chobanian

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Published: 15 November 2019

Posted by: Anonymous

Con – artist, money starving woman that used her MD license to scam me. I am writing this review so you do not get scammed like I did. I went to this so called MD Susan Chobanian located in Glendale, CA for a plastic surgery procedure. She told me every lie possible to get my money and did not perform the procedures that she was paid to do. I was in a volnurable situtation and she took advantage of my volnurability and scammed me. The following are her words and manipultation to get me to pay her so she could do a plastic surgery procedure. ” I told you, I can fix this nose. If anybody can fix this nose its me. Nonone will take this nose and the list goes on”. Basically all she did was to put me to sleep and cause additional damage. She was suppose to fix my deviated septum and I came to find out that my septum was crooked after surgery. She was suppose to fix my nose valve collapse but my nose was collapsing again. She did not perform any of the procedures that she was paid to perform. After the swelling started to go down and the problems started to become wide appearant I went to several other plastic surgeons who all unanimously confirmed that the problem areas were never fixed. After I confronted her she said she can do another surgery. She also exhibited very unprofessional, agressive and uncivillized and bad mannered treatment and behavior. I could not believe my eyes or ears that someone with an MD license would be capable of such behavior. After I told her that I will be seeing a lawyer she kept pushing me to take photos against my will. Who would have thought of such insane behavior by an someone with an MD license but learned the hard way. I asked her what the pcitures were for and she claimed she is going to show them to another doctor. She wanted to take photos so she could photoshop them. I asked her for my medical record and on the very same day I asked the surgery center for my records. So it turned out that the surgery center had been in contact with this con artist and they had devised a plan with the Advanced Diagnostic and Surgical Center manager Raffi to alter my medical records. The surgery center along with her office kept giving me the runaround for over a month. So my records magically became available the same day at both offices but they had been altered and my signature thad been forged on the documents. The whole reason why they did not want to dislose my records and were buying time was to alter my records. It is very unfortunate that it was only after being scammed I found out that this must be something normal for her as I went ahead and read the lawsuits against her by Paykar and kohn and the mutiple accusations against her all made clear sense to me. Scamming and ebezzling money was not a new term and it was all clearly laid out in the lawsuit. This woman’s place is prison. Scammers like this who take advantage of innocent and volnurable people should be locked in prison.

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