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Published: 17 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Susie Stillwell Night club Singer. This women is bad news. She is not a mother. She is very decietful. She lies to get everything she wants. She can not be trusted. If you plan to hirer I stongly recommend a lie test and a drug test. Her mind and her words demonstrate betrayal. A person who lives in another persons house free of charge and goes on world wide web and talks about them like a dog is a Gold digger who is sitting around waiting for a person to die so she can have what belongs to him. But you will be surprise if you are still there to know there is a will Susie and your name is not on it. So sit there and rott you will not get a dime, nor will you claim anything that his name in own. A mother? (you should really know how she handle his children or anybody else children (she probably told you what you wanted to hear so you can be like her when she grows up a trick, that is funny, she is a good fake for a person who has no intelligence. Review all of her statements she is always talking about or lying about someone who has more than she has in success. She is notbody so she talks about success people who has worked hard to be where they are to day. She is a liability to anyone she is connected to. Agree with the other writer she will soon be locked up for Drug addiction or lies to make other’s look bad, when she is the one who is deeply thrown off. She is a trick who lost her treats at 44 still tricking in her 60’s and going down hill for all the wrong she has done to others. she is the person who will stab you in your back to get what she wants. Beware Beware Do a back ground check on this women, a lie test and a drug test before hiring. Verify all information information on her profiles and web sites are inconsistent and may be false. .

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