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Published: 22 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I applied to work for Sutherland Global Serivces because the gentleman, Andrew Ferguson, who contacted me for an interview really made me feel as if I would be a part of a family and not just another person on payroll. He would also be my boss. Sutherland hires people to work from home all over the country and provide customer service to customers of various clients that Sutherland is contracted with. I reside in Florida, but their corporate office is located in Rochester, New York. The client I was taking calls for was Brighthouse Networks. In the beginning we were informed of no sales at all. This was strictly helping the customers and providing excellent cusotmer service. The company also provided benefits at an employee cost but over time they payments for medical decreased as the longer you are with the company, the more your payments decrease. This sounded as if this was my dream job. I went through training and graduated. I was really happy about finding a career as there was endless possibilities for me with this company. After training I had personal issues to deal with and I can honestly say that Mr. Ferguson, Chris Inglis were really there for me. They let me take off time to deal with what I had to do and being a newer employee, no company allows this. Then I decided to resign as I felt this would be best for the company. I resigned on 8/25/14. I only worked for 2 hours during that pay period, but felt I should still be paid for the time I put in. It was only $19 without taxes taken out, but to me, that’s still gas in my car. This is where I lost all respect for the company. On 9/13/14 I did not receive my final paycheck and I was advised that payroll took my final paycheck and used it for my benefits that were to begin on 9/1/14. However, I was not wiith the company and I never had the medical benefits so I was advised to contact Lori D’Ambrisio who is in charge of benefits. I did so and she was very kind and tried to help me. Emails were exchanged back and forth and last email I had received said I would have my pay on 10/10/14. Well, that did not happen so I emailed her and asked what happened. She apologized and told me she emailed payroll and would be in touch with me when she heard back. It is now 10/16/14 and I asked about the status as well as advised I would seek further action because legally they cannot hold back my pay. She responded that she cannot help me any further. She said she does not know why I keep contacting her as she cannot do anything and to call payroll. She was the one helping me the entire time. Her email was rude and unprofessional. I decided to contact payroll. The first person asked what is was regarding and I explained and she transferred me to some voice mail that said they were no longer taking calls and to email them. So I call back again and this girl was pleasant, but transferred me to the same voice mail. I called back a 3rd time and asked not to be transferred to a voice mail. I wanted to speak to the head of the company or a supervisor and she was quite rude and transferred me to another voice mail where I could leave a message. I have not received a response from anyone which I expected. I don’t know what else to do except call Wage and Hour and report them in the State of Florida and see if they can go after the company. I have heard so many horror stories about SutherlandGlobal but I chose not to believe them. Now I wish I had listened.

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