Suzanne Eusebio

Suzanne Eusebio

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Published: 17 January 2021

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I have enjoyed working in this profession for over 15 years. I am passionate about helping people feel better. Together we explore your strengths, challenges and goals you’d like to achieve. We find options and solutions that suit you. My approach is warm, nurturing, and direct. I can be delicate or I can be challenging.. it all depends on you 🙂 My goal is for you to gain solid new skills or new perspectives so there’s not a dependence on the therapist. In addition to traditional psychotherapy, I also do energy work called the EMF Balancing Technique.Integrating psychotherapy and energy work is powerful. Although it’s not essential for a successful outcome, combining therapies gracefully speeds the healing process. Old patterns/traumas can be released and balance restored to the mind/body/spirit much faster than talking alone. It creates a new, profound sense of empowerment.Our negative thoughts are our biggest challenge, regardless of how we got them. I am honored to assist people in identifying their healthy and unhealthy patterns and find their own unique skills to manage them. Freedom from negative thoughts is a treasure worth fighting for!

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