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Published: 08 June 2018

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Ex-Con Accused Murderer, Suzanne D’Amour, Convicted Perjorer and self professed decendant /Alien from the Lost City of Alantis, cons best friend into loaning Ten Grand and refuses to pay back after two years. Suzanne D’Amour, widow of the Mob doctor Robert D’Amour sits on four million dollars in Real Estate on Cape Cod. She’s applied for disability insurance due to a variety of alleged mental illnesses including “Agoraphobia, anxiety, panic attacks, social disfunction, and imobilizing migraine headaches”. After failing to acquire loans from unsuspecting targets from, where the men she solicited for money apty dumped her time and time again, she hit up her best friend and prison gal pal for a loan for ten grand. Claiming she could not eat or provide heat for her family, she decieved this friend into giving this short term loan slated for survival only. Then Suzanne gave the money to Atty. Jenn Vechi to fund a lawsuit against Richard Burchall, who allegedly stole millions from a life insurance policy she recieved after her husband was murdered by her then lover, Alex Rankins, now doing life in prison. Suzanne belongs to thy Hyannis Yacht club where she enjoys gourmet dinners, and has enjoyed numerous lavish vacations in Mexico with her sons: All the while claiming poverty and applying for social security disability. Her rental income from her beachhouse in Brewster nets her over four grand per week all summer, and was promised to the lender to repay this loan, but no funds have ever been paid by Suzanne to her best friend of 13 years. Instead her basement is stocked with cases of Champagne, fridge full of all organic fruits and vegetables, and every kind of imaginable luxury is afforded to herself and her three sons, two of whom still live at home even in their 20’s. Suzanne’s main squeeze, the Selectman of Chattham Ma, Tim Roper has not returned calls and refuses to comment on his lover’s lifestyle. She claims her sons support her, pay her bills and is completely dependant on them and their income from distribution of prescriptions for medical marijuana. Prescriptions of medical marijuana made by Danny D’Amour , a recent graduate of U. Mass Amherst is highly suspect. He claims to be licensed by the state to grow, prescribe and distribute marijuana to his private patients, with his freshly minted BS. DEGREE? Danny has developed a tincture of THC, a highly concentrated elixir he prescribes to his so called patients when they prefer not to smoke it. A large barn has been constructed on the property at 57 Jackson Rd. with one high tech security door and no windows. The purpose for this barn is suspect. What is in there? Thiss barn is worth an estimated 15k and was built this summer, with money D’Amours claim they don’t have in order to pay back the friendly personal loan taken out two years ago. The amount of marijuana and alcohol consumed on the premesis is accentuated by the new distillery constructed by Danny, which produces copious amounts of illegal 90 proof bootleg liquor. The consumption of this liquor along with the 24/7 pot habit resluted in the loss of a cherished pet. Danny was charged with the job of caring for Priscilla, a calico cat with AIDS. He allowed her to escape her quarters in a drug den they call “The MANSHACK”, built illegally on the premesis. Without informing anyone of her disappearance she is missing and presumed dead due to the wildlife in the area. The MSPCA, Animal Control and Animal Rescue league were never informed of the missing cat, carrying the AIDS virus into the nieghborhood. When told of her disappearance, the cat’s owner, the same one who loaned the money was given no oportunity to find her before her demise. If this all seems strange to you, it is. Suzanne and her sons all proclaim to be above the usual codes of conduct reserved for the human race. Suzanne has confessed to this friend that they all are in fact hybrid human/aliens, descendants from the lost city of Atlantis. They claim they are of higher intelligence and consider themselves above the usual standards of human decency the rest of us live by. They also claim to be visited by Aliens on a regular basis, and that spirtits inhabit their homes and property. Danny aspires to a life studying and practicing Shamanism. Ahem? .

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