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SVP Cameras Are a Fraud that Steal from People to Keep Their Company Rich!

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Published: 27 August 2017

Posted by: Angie C. Pearson

I like minding my own business, not sticking into other people’s lives. It’s a much better way of surviving in this world. But when I’m pissed, and am talking major fucking pissed, no way am I going to let it slide off that easily. Especially where my hard earned money is involved in a dirty scam, I have to air out these rogue bastards who think they are all smart to find their way into people’s money. You just messed with the wrong person SVP Cameras.
I work in an IT company as a sales consultant and specialist. My job basically is marketing the IT firm in all platforms possible. It includes travelling around and promoting the software products we design and providing customer care info to those interested with what we do. Anyways forget all that, nothing of importance there! I have specialized with online marketing, which is the real deal as far as marketing is concerned. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, tumbler you name it. We try and have our products advertised in all the major platforms that cut across the business market. So the drill is that we take pictures of our products that we are selling and post the photos online and wait for interesting buyers to engage us. That easy!
Initially, we had a professional photographer who would come and do the photo taking for us for a while, before we had to let go of unnecessary expenses we were incurring. Basic auditing protocols! So we decided that since it was not that much of a huge deal of taking pictures, we would purchase a camera that we would have at our own convenient time.
My passion for photography is a huge one. I did photography part-time just for leisure. So I took it upon myself to get a good camera. I wanted a 25 megapixels camera, something that would capture all angles of the product; precise and clear.
I browsed for a good quality camera that fitted my budget. I had $250 that I wanted to get the camera with. So I came across the SVP Cameras on eBay that suited my budget and bought it through my PayPal account. Online shopping is just so easy and convenient. It didn’t even take me an hour to do all that save, for the time I was scrolling on eBay. No complications, no stress. Within 5 days, my package was there, and in record time if you ask me.
So there I was, pretty excited to try out the new camera. The joke was on me! Turns out that the so-called camera was nothing but a broken, second-hand piece of crap that I had ploughed my 250 bucks in! At first, I thought that probably, I was the one not acquainted with the camera properly. But when a professional photographer who had a wide experience with cameras told me that it’s a shitty excuse for a camera, I knew these assholes had just robbed me of my money. The lens was not an authentic one; probably they just fished it out of a lab and fitted it in. The lens adjuster was not even moving, it was jammed like someone with a locked jaw.
I am not even sure if being pissed could define how I felt after being sold a fake thing. I sell to other people genuine stuff but I happen to buy fake stuff, so ironic. I gave them a call almost immediately after I realized it was fake shit. At some point, I thought I had their telephone number wrong because the guy who I was directed to was either not an employee there or he was probably just fucking around with me. I mean, I am busy trying to express my disappointment at the injustice they just did me, and he’s busy trying to convince me to buy another camera. So much for efficient support customer care! They can die with all their cameras for all I care! The guy told me that they will be sending me another 25-mp camera, and it’s two weeks now and am still sitting on my sorry ass in my office waiting for the ‘replacement camera’.
Who the hell do you think you people are, robbing people off their cash with methods that even a toddler would find childish? Try stealing from someone’s pocket literally. At least you can feel proud of the ‘effort’ you’ve put in not getting caught. But this selling of fake products to naïve innocent people, that’s just shady! Grow some balls at least! Beware people of such shameless cheaters!
Anyone can find out the physical address of these sissies; they need to know that they just messed with the wrong person.

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