miserable experience with Swagtron

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Published: 05 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I bought 2 Swagtron cycles (a blue one and a red one) as a birthday present for my grandsons. Soon after my grandsons opened their presents, the lights of the blue cycle stopped working. I contacted the company and they told me that they would get my product replaced as soon as possible. I told them that I don’t need a replacement and they should just refund me my money. I ordered another blue cycle from the company. The front light of the cycle goes out shortly after taking it out of the box. I called the company again and told them about the condition of the product. At first they behaved very rudely and didn’t listen to my complaint, however, their behaviour changed when I told them my tracking number. They took the cycle and told me that they would get it repaired in 2 days. After two days I received a cycle with electric paste on the headlight, a missing screw on the top and scratches all over its body. It was in horrible condition for a new cycle. But I thought that the cycle would still be in working condition, after all a non-functional headlight should not bother too much right? Well, I was wrong, because the cycle had many other problems on top of the headlight. Their breaks were too weak! My grandson broke his arm because the break of the cycle did not work. We had to take him to the emergency room. Swagtron cycles are the WORST QUALITY CYCLES IN THE MARKET. I spent a total of $1,500 on the 2 cycles and got trash.
My miserable experience with Swagtron doesn’t end there. The red cycle that I bought for my other grandson also started having issues after a couple of months. The headlight of this cycle stopped working as well and it made a cranky noise every time it was paddled. We contacted the customer support of Swagtron and they took 12 days to even give a simple reply to my email. The guy said that this is not the company’s responsibility to make sure that the product works fine all the time. I would have agreed to him if the warranty period was over but IT WAS NOT. Even after I told him that I bought the cycle only a couple of months ago, he denied it and implied that I was lying. He was extremely impolite, rude and unprofessional. Their customer service is totally unacceptable. The management of this company should pay a lot of attention to it if they want this company to stay in business.

After this fiasco all I can say is that everyone should keep away from these guys. They make horribly overpriced cycles with low quality materials and it is going to become a pain in the ass after some time. Buy ANY OTHER CYCLE but their ones. I still can’t believe that such companies exist. These guys should be ashamed of themselves; the kind of service and products they are providing is just PATHETIC!!!

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