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They aren’t responsible and they are certainly not reliable.

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Published: 25 May 2019

Posted by: Orland

I had taken my child to Swauger Pediatric Dentistry for getting a crown on her teeth. I had searched for a reliable pediatric dentist online and I came across these guys. I was thinking they were reliable professionals who can provide my child with proper care. But they turned out to be vicious criminals. The dentists here are malicious monsters who do unnecessary procedures on your child while claiming they know better than you. My experience with that place has been horrible. Installing a dental crown is an expensive procedure if you don’t know already. And when I took my daughter to that place, they installed not one but four more caps (5 in total) on her teeth. They said those crowns were essential for the well being of my kid. They charged me for those crowns and I paid them as well. But that’s not all. That unnecessary procedure was completely worthless, pathetic and useless. All of those 5 caps fell down within 3 months of the procedure. Think of it, not only did they perform an unnecessary procedure on a kid, who is only 8 years old, but they also did it so poorly that it didn’t even last for a few months. I contacted those people and told them about the crowns and demanded an explanation. They just shrugged it off and told me to relax. According to them, they used to get such cases pretty often. They also claimed that kids aren’t able to keep dental crowns for longer than 5 months. That’s just a bogus claim. Dental caps are costly because they are made to last for a long time. At least they are supposed to last longer than 3 months. Those unnecessary crowns had damaged my daughter’s teeth too. I’m now getting her treated at someplace else. This place is a horrible choice for any parent. All the claims on their website that they are children-friendly and caring professionals, they all are false.

They ripped me off, put my kid’s dental health at risk and lied to me all the while. If there’s one thing you can do for your child is to keep him or her away from this hellhole. Your child will thank you later. Apart from the money I lost because of their useless treatment, I also put my daughter’s health at risk by getting her treated here. Don’t fall prey to their false advertising. They aren’t any reliable professionals. They are thieves, fraudsters and liars. They aren’t reliable. They are just a bunch of goons and money-hoggers who don’t feel any guilt when they ruin the dental health of children. They never apologized for doing such a crappy job. They lied to me earlier by saying that those unnecessary crowns were required. And they kept lying even when I told them the reality. They think people are fools. I’ve had a poor experience and I thought it was important that you should know their reality too.

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