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The clinic should be sued for hiring and keeping such an incompetent, unreliable and unprofessional doctor like that.

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Published: 22 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

About a month ago, I had an accident but somehow I did not get any major injuries however, it ruined the perfect placement of my teeth. My teeth became disfigured and misaligned. I could not believe my fate. So, in order to get my teeth fixed, I decided to get some ‘Dental Contouring’. After weeks of searching for a good clinic, an acquaintance of mine suggested Sweet Hart Dental. After researching for a few days on Google, I decided to go for it. Using the online website, I scheduled an appointment. I reached the clinic a bit early. I was thirsty and so I asked a staff member politely for a glass of water. I don’t know what happened but I did not get a glass of water. The attitude of the staff was not quite friendly as well. My throat was getting dried up so I went into the doctor’s cabin to undergo the process after waiting for almost half an hour.
I had some queries about the process and so I asked them without hesitation. After every query, the doctor took a slight pause before clearing my queries, as if he also was not sure about the answers. My main query was about damaging the layer of my teeth to which the doctor hesitantly said that no damage would be inflicted because of the process.
Neither did he conduct an X-Ray to ascertain the thickness of the layers of my teeth nor did he consider it even for a second when I asked him to. He began cleaning his tools which he was going to use for my procedure. One of his sharp instruments and it hurt my gums and I started bleeding. He ignored it as if it was normal for blood to come out. I was astonished to see how a ‘qualified dentist’ could be so reckless with his tools. What is the point of having a doctor’s degree if you can’t even handle a simple tool?
I did not expect him to make another mistake but as they say, Expectations hurt and here they did hurt, quite literally. Instead of using the proper tools on my teeth to reshape them, he ‘mistakenly’ was using some type of local paper and he rubbed it vigorously against my teeth. I cannot even tell you what it felt like at that moment. I could taste the blood that was coming out. The doctor got scared and hurriedly called his assistant, who made the situation even worse by making me rinse my mouth with warm worth. I was gurgling blood mixed with water. It took almost half an hour for the bleeding to stop.
The doctor continued with the procedure even after all that happened. After almost two hours, the procedure finally completed. I was not able to speak properly after the doctor was done with me. I could feel the cuts on my gum that had oozed out blood a few hours ago. When I looked in the mirror, I could not control my anger when I saw that my teeth had not been fixed properly and in a fit of rage, stormed out of that horrific place.
Nobody in their right mind should go to Sweet Hart Dental as it would bring them nothing but pain and suffering.

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