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Published: 18 January 2020

Posted by: Surfbr

I decided to buy a high end bass guitar from Fodera at SWeetwater (SW) . I found their inventory quite extensive and was able to find a beautiful “demo” piece (brand new item that most likely was used at their retail location) for thousands less then the asking price. I reached out to SW and was introduced to a sales engineer who told me he would be my go to person at SW, kinda like a relationship manager, who would be responsible for sales, support, questions, anything basically going forward. That really was impressive, considering they are selling music gear, having a person who sole’s position is to take care of my music needs. Form there on, the engineer was on it, anything I asked he would respond quickly and would provide feedback for everything I needed and asked. He told me he would be taking care of me going forward and ensure my SW experience would be top notch. Everything was fine until I decided to return the bass. I had other basses from the same luthier and found that I was not going to have much difference from what I already what at home to their new product. So I reached out to my “go to guy”, and heard nothing from him. That’s when I realized the whole talk about taking care of my needs, about being my point of contact, about relationship based experience, was all BS. The moment I needed to return something, I got nothing anymore, no answers, no response, nothing. I ended up calling them and asking another person to help return the bass. My sales engineer made his first mistake right there. When you are a relationship driven specialist, the first thing would be to get back to me and ask why. that’s it, he should have tried to understand why I was returning, so that he could really make a bigger impact! Well, he didn’t. And in the process, he had no idea I actually wanted to buy a much more expensive item, that SW had in their inventory, he could have really understood his job and helped me get to where I needed, but he decided to go silent, probably took the return as an offense. That’s where sales people fail, they do not ask more questions, don’t try to understand why it didn’t work, don’t try to understand me as a client and how I could be in a better place with a different piece of gear. He just decided to go quiet, and not only lost the sale (which was double what I had paid initially), it lost a client. All because of his lack of interest and no interest in listening to the client, and asking probing questions. Too bad, I thought SW had something going, and I was WOWed initially. But then their inexperienced sales person managed to make the situation worst, and had me go to the competition, spend money that could have been theirs… I am still trying to get feedback on my return, the bass was delivered to SW and I sent an email asking for feedback but guess what… he still hasn’t answered me.

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