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Published: 16 December 2018

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I have a retail store in South Africa and import from a number of US companies (and others worldwide). In order to save my customers costs due to our very weak rand, I consolidate my orders with a shipper in NY, so it is important that the goods arrive with in a certain time frame to avoid delaying the entire shipment. I placed my order with Sweetwise on 4 June 2015 and received no acknowledgement even of the order, so followed up requesting an invoice on 8 June 2015 which I then received and paid immediately. First on 9 June 2015 it was claimed that the PayPal payment was not reflecting on their side but then on 10 June 2015 I get a mail to say that they have no stock of the product I have been charged for but am told that they are expecting stock the following week, so when I indicate that this is a bit of a problem and suggested that they should then be sending it directly to me here in South Africa, without consultation but huge attitude they refund the payment, which doesn’t solve my problem!!! For 2 weeks following they keep promising that ‘next week Wednesday / Thursday they will have the stock’ and still now by the 24 June their order has not even left their manufacture, so that will mean at least another weeks delay!! Their claim is that it is normal to have manufacturing delays and infer that I am being unreasonable to expect anything different – which may be the case, but then be honest with your customers up front. The most ridiculous part is that this company only manufactures this one product themselves with a few minor variations and even still are not able to know if they do or don’t have stock before charging a customer and then further have no clue when their stock will actually arrive, but keep making false promises even with the knowledge of the fact that they are delaying my entire shipment because of this!! The sad thing for me is their attitude and arrogance!! Customer service is clearly not something they have any clue about!! .

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