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Published: 18 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

So far, swengines: – claimed to have the correct motor for my car – refused to provide VIN to this day for various reasons (excuses) – the motor they sent doesn’t work (bad rod knock- mechanic is afraid to let it run) The only saving grace is that I purchased the 3yr parts&labor warranty for an additional $199, right? Wrong. First of all, everyone should note here that their “”3 year parts & labor”” warranty has some very specific fine print that allows them to invalidate most warranty claims. To ensure the warranty is valid, the customer must (IN THIS ORDER): 1. Install the motor (with new timing belt, etc.) but DO NOT START IT YET! 2. Call swengines to ***ACTIVATE*** the warranty, and await/obtain confirmation of activation date (probably need this documented so they can’t play dumb later!) 3. Now start the motor and you are covered You must call to activate warranty AFTER motor is installed, but BEFORE starting it for the first time. And step 2 is the clincher that will get most people, since nobody will read the fine print that says call to activate or you’re SOL. You’ve already paid for the warranty, but it won’t do you any good unless you follow these ridiculous rules that are only in place to invalidate warranty claims. Well, I followed their fine print and called to “”Activate”” my warranty. They asked for mileage and VIN and I gave it to them, and I asked them to email me a confirmation of warranty activation, which they did. I called swengines.com about the rod knock on the motor. They say: 1. Have the motor packed up and ship it back to us and we will send you another one 2. NO, we will not cover the labor to uninstall/reinstall the motor; it’s not covered under parts/labor warranty because that does not begin until the 501st mile 3. I told them how can I drive it 501 miles if the motor does not run? Dale’s smug response “”well then there you go, the warranty doesn’t apply.”” At this point, they have sent me the wrong motor and it has a rod knock, moreover they are not willing to warranty it in any useful way. I have paid my mechanic to install another rebuilt motor instead, and am pursuing a case to do a chargeback on swengines. Additionally, I am pursuing a case against swengines with the Wisconsin DA- I have read around the internet that I am far from the first to do so. I urge anyone in my situation to followup with the WI DA’s office to have a chance at recovering your funds.

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