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Counterfeit Products! Pay full, get fake products in return!

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Published: 20 November 2018

Posted by: Catherine

My long-distance boyfriend got cheated by these fraudsters who claim to run a company that has High-Quality products while all they sell is fake products that come with many useless acclamations. People are just getting fake products and the company is making fake stories of sending in original products. It was the most horrible online experience ever. My boyfriend ordered a beautiful Rolex watch, however, all I received was a cheap quality watch with no warranty.

I was so excited about my birthday present he had ordered just to fulfill my wish. When I received the present, the watch was not at all what we had thought. How can you do such cheating to your customers I know it was done for money but why? You have no humanity left, even the outer packing was not a gift wrap she he had asked for during the purchase. Why will people trust you if you are doing such deals with your customers who are putting their trust by paying you all the money in advance?

I tell you the company is selling fake products in order to rip off some money. He ordered the watch and spent $ 1320, what I received was an astonishing degraded watch that took away my birthday present thunder because he had asked me days before my birthday that this year would be special as the longtime gift is coming soon. Everything he planned went in vain because of the fake products they sold. We had never imagined in our wildest dreams that the company would send such counterfeit product even when the customer paid the full amount prior to getting the delivery.

I had never expected such fraud happening to spoil my whole day. I did receive the product on time but what is the fun if the product is not what you had thought it would be. It is just a piece of CRAP. I took it to three to four watch sellers to know the real price of the watch and they claim it to be no more than $ 150 which shows how badly he has been deceived by these cheaters. I had never thought in my entire life that any such thing would happen with us, we had never done any bad thing with anyone but this injustice is unacceptable.
We want a straight refund but the company is denying it saying that the time for refund has been exceeded. I don’t understand how in 2 days, the time got exceeded. I just want that money to be provided back as he is earning it by working day and night and I would not accept such cheaters to take them like that. If you cannot provide original high-quality products, there is no meaning of purchasing products from your site. If he had known about such cheating taking place on your platform, I would never have allowed him to buy it at first place.

This is just not done, I will not take this lightly. You cannot make money by selling such CHEAP PRODUCTS. Gain a valid name, I get it now all the product reviews are fake and all you do is cheating with other people. No one would have thought that this company is engaged in fraudulent activities. I will surely file a complaint against the company if I don’t get a refund for such a product. I will not let you go just like that. You will have to return our valuable money. And also, I will spread my experience everywhere so that everyone knows about the real motives you are after.
You will not be able to earn any profit from this deal. My father is a lawyer, I can even sue you for not providing what is stated. If you have any humanity left, just pay us our money back. We literally don’t want anything else. Had I known that we were stepping into an online money loot, I would never have agreed to buy from this website which claims to sell FAKE AND CHEAP WATCHES in the name of SLEEK DESIGNED ORIGINAL WATCHES.

In some other reviews, I read on BBB and Complaints Board, I found out that you have been into this malpractices from quite a long time. How much have you literally earned doing such cheating? People put their trust in order to get a product that has a supreme quality, not such cheap products. No one would ever recommend such a horrible service. Even the customer service providers are so arrogant and rude, rather than providing a refund they give a lame excuse to cover their sin and put all the blame on people. Just pay me my money or else it just won’t be good.

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