Sycamore Lodge Resort

The poorly managed facility has no potential for new customers.

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Published: 05 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

The owners at Sycamore Lodge Resort do not consider the services of customers. I paid $100 every month on membership fees and was promised for better camping ground facilities. They promised to make changes and to satisfy customers’ services with the extra money from membership fees.  Unfortunately, there is nothing of that sort happening at the resort.

A waste of money and time, and I had to get out of that deal of camping at Sycamore Lodge Resort.
I wanted a new adventure and ended up with broken promises from Sycamore Lodge Resort.
My stay was shortened from the lack of customer’s service and the unpleasant teamwork at the resort. Staff members disappointed my stay at the camping ground. All facilities of Sycamore Lodge Resort need upkeep and maintenance. The problem I had with the resort owners the high charges on membership fees. They want me to pay extra on memberships fees for their own pocket money. There have been no changes made to Sycamore Lodge Resort.
Campsites are galore at other resorts do not waste money at Sycamore Lodge Resort.
The unfriendly staff and filth in bathrooms and toilets and the poor quality of equipment have led me to cancel my membership with Sycamore Lodge Resort. New management has no idea how to satisfy customer’s services.

The campground is rough and not easy to walk on for campers. Facilities are far from the camping grounds. A small pool is always crowded with kids and that leaves me no space to enjoy the pool amenities. This resort is not suitable for campers.
I was disappointed with the staff and the resort site. It is not possible to get a campsite ahead of time from Sycamore Lodge Resort. No parking area close by and the person in charge was rude and unfriendly. There is no value in money or time to invest in a camping ground at Sycamore Lodge Resort. The other negative point I learned of is the lack of sewage at the camping ground. Owners are disrespectful of customer’s services and staff neglect customer care and are not pleasant people. The camping ground at Sycamore Lodge Resort is not a friendly resort. Everything related to this resort is below average. No good feedback for Sycamore Lodge Resort from my terrible experience on their camping ground.

All amenities are out of order and not worth your money to have a membership with Sycamore Lodge Resort. There is no entertainment for kids and the stay is unpleasant. I did not feel comfortable and relaxed at the resort. I canceled membership at Sycamore Lodge Resort to avoid any other ties with the company.
The camping ground is a waste of money. I do not recommend Sycamore Lodge Resort to anyone. They are rude, unfriendly, and don’t give customers the best service. The lack of all amenities is a shame to Sycamore Lodge Resort.

They are liars and know how to get customers to believe in their broken promises. Sycamore Lodge Resort owners scam people to pay high rates on membership fees.

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