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This company was fooled my brother and looted his money!

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Published: 14 November 2018

Posted by: Peter

Symmetry Financial Group is an MLM business company. I\’m writing this company to warn anyone who is planning to approach this company. If the company tries to contact you, then please don\’t revert back. My brother has worked for a couple of months as a full-time employee at Symmetry Financial Group. This company is good for nothing. In the start, everything sounded cool, and all they use to do is talk about a great game. In the first three months, they didn\’t even tell my brother that they won\’t make any payment. My brother also did not have much savings to purchase the leads. This MLM company has bankrupted my brother. If you find yourself under the same condition then run my friend. My brother did a great mistake by trusting this company. When he asked for the refund the payment he made for the conference, they refused to return. This is a company where you have to pay to go to work. He has given more than a thousand dollars, and the company has done nothing for him. He is regretting to pay a huge amount of money and wasting his time attending conference calls daily. If you are here to make serious earnings than don\’t go to this company because this company will make you bankrupt. This company is messing with innocent people who leave their house daily to earn money. They are total scammers. They never informed my brother that he won\’t be getting paid for the length of time. Transparency is a must at a workplace. They didn\’t even bother him to tell him about the rules and regulations.

This company should be ashamed for ruining lives by looting them. He had to pay $250 to get leads on public records. Oh, and one more thing, if a person follows as the company says he will find success. But who will find a success when his money is drained out of his bank? If a worker needs a commission position, then he needs to work very hard for it. If you follow the leads of your heart like my brother did then this company is really not for you. In the start, you will think it is one of the best companies in the world. You will make good money and everyone is very nice. But you don’t know one thing. They are ripping you off. They will hire you only for their benefits because you have a license, and you are ready to travel. They will ask you to find 60% of the free leads and then move to 80%. They just want to make money by using you and by taking all your money. You will only gain 0.1 percent to 5 percent in every two months if you help them in making $3000 every month. This company looks great from outside, but don’t be fooled by it. You can get better contracts and free leads from various reputed companies. Do your research before joining this company. Be smart and you will get many better contracts. Such fraud companies will try to make you believe in them and fool you, but you can do better than that. Get reviews from everyone, make phone calls and try to dig in to know the insights of the company. My brother has wasted his hopes, ideas, time and money in this firm, so don’t make a mistake as he did. This company should be caught while doing such unethical business practices. They can’t get away with people’s money.

If you find any add like “MAKE $10,000+ PER MONTH WORKING ONLY A FEW DAYS PER WEEK!” then please don’t revert them. It is their tactics to lure workers in and feed on their money. Most of the Multi-Level Marketing companies have decent, honest and hardworking individuals. This company is a bit different. The agents have to work very hard to earn lots of money and to build a successful business. They try to encourage the money makers that they can gain money by following their system. I guess most of their agents are living in oblivion where Symmetry is performing unethical business practices behind their back. I would suggest everyone stay away from Symmetry Financial Group. I want to also alert people to beware of this company if they are trying to approach you. I felt the urge to warn you all about this firm because my brother has gone through a lot, and I don’t want this to happen with another poor soul. This company should shut down for ripping off the agents. I am very disappointed with this firm, and because of these people workers can no longer trust other firms. Many other people have suffered a great loss due to them, now it is their time to get served by Karma.

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