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Published: 16 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

It seems to me the entire world is caving into one Bank..Synchrony Bank. Discover is at the top of my list right now because of how they decreased the credit limit THEY initially gave me based on a "periodic review" Since I always made payments on time and followed all the rules and regulations put forth in their statement I wondered what I possibly could have done to piss them off. So I did a chat..the girl had not a clue of how to help..I recieved a letter stating there were three reasons why and by the way all those reasons stated seemed strange to me one was that I had accounts that were "too recent" the other was that I did not have a mortage payment..What? First I didnt have a mortage payment when they gave me the credit nor did I state that I did so how does that even apply? But "too recent" I had to find out the answer..I called Discover..the billing girl did not know what was too recent..she actually said for me to hold the line as if we were at home chatting or something..she came back 5 minutes later and said what were you saying..I said "I am a customer and you just left the phone..why?" She told me she had to go ask her manager the answer to the question which she didnt even remember. She said too recent means newer credit history. I asked if by some law I wasnt allowed Newer Credit ? She had to go ask her manager we are in 15 minutes and we have 2 more reasons to go..Im gettin nervous now. Finally I asked for the manager when the girl called me combative..the manager told me basically the same thing but could not back anything she said with a consumer law..Finally I get to the question of exactly by name who does these reviews that cause people who are good customers to get a decrease in their credit line? Guess what? Its not a person..Its a computer and Discover justs mails out the letters and does the decrease based on what the computer spit out!!! Now Im really nervous!!! Im not even worth a person as a customer!! When I realized the manager knew very little or even less than the trainee I didnt want to waste another 15 minutes,,so I look up Discover and see they have a Excutive Customer Advocacy Office and a Portfolio Verification Team..let me assure you All they have is a computer and some smartassed trainees whos job is to answer a telephone ..If Discover approved me for a credit line and I did nothing to cause a decrease in that credit line then why arent they at least explaining their reasons for the decrease? And why do they refer their customers to Transunion? I never applied for a credit card from Transunion..This is a complete sham put on the unsuspecting public..the behind the scenes with these companies is a whole different story..Expect to see multiple lawsuits in the near future on these idiiots. And dont ever get a Discover Card..they wil ruin your credit!!

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