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I could never experience a horrible place than this.

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Published: 12 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I have always been a sound person both mentally and physically but due to the sudden transfer of my job I had to cancel my subscription from the yoga center I have been going to. I was very confused regarding the decision of choosing the right yoga center. After a lot of research and suggestions from my near ones, I decided to get myself admitted to the Synergy Hot Yoga.
I still regret being a part of such an undisciplined yoga center. I have been to many yoga centers but this one was the worst among them. I am already a very fit person and living a very good life but the Synergy Hot Yoga center disturbed my peace of mind and made me angry and rude at times.
It all started on the first day. As soon as I entered the classroom I found out that every member was chilling and gossiping until the master came in. I tried being talkative and getting acquainted with my classmates but they judged me according to my age and told me to sit away from them. It couldn’t get any worse when I complained it about to the master thinking that he would help me, instead of that he started taking their side and scolded me to find some other place to sit. Yoga centers are always very calm and disciplined unlike this. This was the worst of every yoga centers I have ever been to. It once happened as such that I was stuck in a traffic jam and reached my class a bit late, I told the reason behind getting late to the master but he scolded me and replied that “ don’t give excuses like a high school kid and try to be punctual and make less noise while entering the class “. Due to this, all the students made a joke and laughed at me for the rest of the class. After the class, was over the master made me repeat my postures all over again. The lessons exhausted me every time. Never in a month during my lessons had I felt fresh and calm. I tried to forget all the complications and attend my class punctually but it happened one day that I forgot to bring my yoga mat, the master didn’t leave a chance here too, and he again humiliated me in front of my classmates and forced me to get the mat immediately. I requested him to borrow one for today but he didn’t listen to me either. I had to get back home again to collect my mat. This again exhausted me and pissed me off.
It was not early enough when I decided to cancel my subscription with the Synergy Hot Yoga center. It never made me feel fresh nor calm. The environment was also not friendly at all. Please stay away from these kinds of low-class yoga centers all they do is destroy your peace of mind.

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