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Published: 18 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Today i received an invoice from systemslogic (“trusted solutions, superior quality”) for 2 hewlett packard officejet pro 8630s. The bill was for $1220.96 and it was noted “*denotes a non-taxable item.” the bill referenced a verbal po and was immediately due upon receipt. Together with the bill is a plain paper flyer which promises you that amex will send, “direct to you, a $100 gift card” overnight if you “call customer service and make your payment today!” i knew immediately this must be a fraud. When i looked at the invoice, i recalled that i had received a phone call a few weeks ago where the caller told me that he was looking at our list of printers and that there was some computer error and that he was trying to verify our repair history. I informed him i was not up in the office and did not have access to all of our printers. He then asked me what was the name of the printer nearest me and i told him an hp officejet pro 8630. After he pressed a little more, i told him that i was sure i didn’t do business with his company and that we had xerox service agreements. I also told him we considered the hps as throwaway machines because they broke after a year. I further told him that we never purchased service contracts for them and then i hung up on him! I have tried to contact the company by phone, but, naturally you must leave a message due to the “heavy call volume”; and, your return call could take up to 5 days. .

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