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Published: 21 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I ordered a WM8880 tablet computer from T-Mart (tmart.com). On the website it said it would be shipped from a US warehouse. They first said it would only take 4-7 days to ship it. After several emails, telling me that it was “”out of stock””, and then that it was “”definitely on the way.”” I could not track the shipping. I finally recieved it nearly two months later. At first the tablet seemed OK, but as I added apps, it got slower and slower. Eventually it became useless. After about a month, it became more difficult to charge it, because the charging dock came loose and the cord had to be placed in in JUST the right position. Because the tablet did not show any sort of charging icon or light when plugged in and turned off (like every other phone or tablet I have ever seen), I had to be careful to never let it get below 10% battery. If it ran all the way down, then there would be no way to tell if it was charging (which, as I said before, the cable had to be plugged in in JUST the right way). Last night it ran all the way down. Now there is no way to charge it. It’s a paperweight now. I know from other complaint that in order to replace it or get a refund, I have to pay for shipping back to China. That would be almost $40. I only paid $59 for it in the first place. I am not going to pay for shipping back to China. This company has a terrbile reputation for customer service, shipping times, and return policies. I can attest to all of this. If I had done a little more research at the start, I would never have bought from them. Do NOT buy anything from them that has any sort of moving parts or electronics. Once they take your money, you will wait and wait, and once you get the product, it will be cheap and fall apart in just a month or two, if that. If you want to return it, you will have to pay an arm and a leg for return shipping. And then, well, good luck getting anything out tof them. Companies like Tmar.com are the reason websites like Rip Off Report exist! Beware!

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