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Published: 10 October 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I was a tenant of T.R. Lawing for approximately 4 yrs and never had a late payment or an complaint filed against me. I lived in Tryon house apartments for about two years until i had to move due to a ROACH infestation in the apartment that i could not live with. They moved me into another one of their properties in Huntersville. The property had numerous major problems from day 1. My rent was $995 a month in which i ALWAYS paid on time. Day 1 the apartment had, a pipe burst, A/C break, windows that would not open, no mail keys, no pool access, broken garage door, broken toliets which landed me with a $500 dollar water bill. Getting T.R. Lawing to fix a maintence issue was a absloute nightmare. You had to call and call and calll and then email and then call some more. Once they did come out, they made sure they performed the bare minimum to “fix” the problem. The temporary bandade fix would usually only last a week or two, before you had to start the entire process again. They even had the audacity to bill me for repair on their junk property. The most horrifying incident was the greatest criminal act of all. They first asked if i would like to buy the property for 130K with 6000 down. ONce i said no to that ridiculus offer, i recieved an email 3 weeks later saying that the original owners were selling the property and i had 30 days to leave. (which i found out later was an absolute lie)… (property is probably still vacant as i write this) This was a terrible situation for me and my family. I have a wife and two kids, a newborn and a five year old. I had to spend all my savings to move and find another place. I also had to find new daycare and schools for my childern. To make matters even worse, they are charging me for almost a full month of rent claming i did not turn the keys in on time. When I have evidence that i moved out by the given date. I signed a lease at my new apratment and countless residence saw my family and I struggling to move out. Finally to top it all off they sent me a final bill of $3000 after they kicked me out. This bill included $600 for a microwave, $800 in fradulent rent charges, and 1$600 dollars of very minor repairs. What ever you do, do not rent from T. R. Lawing. They prey on the low income, bad credit, minorites and use extortion pratices to prosper. STAY AWAY!!

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