Tahnee Mendez

Tahnee Mendez

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Published: 07 January 2021

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I believe one of the most powerful resources people can access is their relationships. They can be a significant source of support, empowerment and healing, and they can be a source of pain, frustration, and stress. Relationships are fluid and ever changing. Sometimes in families and relationships the way roles were once defined no longer fit as individuals begin to grow and change and move through different stages of the life cycle. As a therapist, I assist to empower individuals and families in redefining their relationships by collaborating and creating solutions to recreate the relationships they want.I work with individuals, couples and their families to assist them to strengthen their connection so that they can thrive and live the lives they desire. I have worked with multicultural, blended, adoptive, same sex and single parent families. During difficult life events I assist them in restructuring their relationships.I am trilingual. I speak English, Spanish and I have over 10 years experience working with teenagers, so I am well versed in the language of “Teenager”. I provide in home therapeutic services, in our busy world, many people enjoy the flexibility and convenience of having sessions in their home.

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