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Published: 13 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I would like to say that I too was hired by Stantisha and Steve Kemp approximately Nov 30 2013 as a Manager. I also like to add that the establishment didn’t open until approximately the end of July and I was expected to be on “”standby”” until the restaurant opened and it took about 7 months!! Yes, she said exactly that! Really… Lol .. Stantisha Kemp was the voice of the operation and handled most of the business to my knowledge. That’s when I knew to walk away, and I also was never paid because she felt she didn’t need to pay me (stated in so many words in a conversation we had) even with me invoicing her several times… She simply ignored to acknowledge my emails … SMH!! It’s ok … In life you can’t go around disregarding people at your disposal. I was tempted to post a review and file a complaint about this last year but decided to let it go, because I backed out early in the game after a phone conversation I had with Mrs Stantisha Kemp. She showed a lack respect for me and my time. They were inexperienced in the restaurant/bar business and at the same time “”knew”” everthing but nothing about how to treat people, employees and customers and what it takes on a daily basis to run a successful restaurant. So many fabulous people think it’s a brainless business then they find out how expensive time consuming and what a demanding beast it can be… It’s a shame that it ended up this way, but what did you expect??? Now I’m sure you have a lot more people that you really need to pay besides the little employees that you deliberately took advantage of. So now you can use the money you owe me and others to help out with your debt and court fees. The big boys who are going to sue you.. They have a lot more at stake and won’t waste their time posting reviews such as these… I will never feel ashamed or afraid of speaking out against someone who had a complete disregard for me, my time and intentially set out to deceive others. You reap what you sow!! .




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