Tailwind Pediatric Dentistry

Full of lies and certainly not trustworthy

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Published: 16 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Tailwind Pediatric Dentistry is located in Wayzata, Minnesota. They tend to claim they are one of the best children’s dental clinics in town but that’s just misleading. Don’t fall for their lies. They also claim to have specially trained doctors to treat children with care and respect, but there aren’t any ‘professional doctors’ here. There’s only a bunch of goofs. According to their patients, they have been treated very badly at Tailwind Pediatric Dentistry and they don’t wish to visit the clinic again. Lack of professionalism and untrained doctors can cost you much.
I made a mistake choosing Tailwind Pediatric Dentistry. My niece needed a dentist as soon as possible. She was having a severe toothache and I could not figure it out on my own. Tailwind Pediatric Dentistry was the nearest clinic I could find for her and so I called them quickly. I was shocked to hear the tone the receptionist used. Anyhow, I compromised on her tone and still could not get an appointment for the same day. She was continuously saying that dental problems do not need emergency treatment and that my niece can hold on to her pain. She gave me an appointment for the next day at 9am and I was at the clinic 10 minutes earlier. Surprisingly, the dentist came to a half-hour late. Moreover, he was annoyed about being called so early in the morning. Maybe he did not take the oath which all the medical students have to take for prioritizing the patients. I had to bear the unhygienic environment as well as the dentist’s harsh behavior too. I was not allowed to go into the room with my niece. But when she came out, I could literally kill every single person at the clinic. He had made some mistake which magnified the pain. I feel so embarrassed in front of my sister and we are now finding a better consultant to cure all the problems. This kind of attitude and commitment from the doctors disappoint the patients because it wastes their time and money both.
They claim they have got over 35 years experience and claim to be one of the most trusted family dental practitioners but customers have reported negative reviews about them. One of the customers went to Tailwind Pediatric Dentistry for treatment and paid a bill of around $13,000 in cash. Now she has left Tailwind Pediatric Dentistry and went for a different practitioner for cleaning. She claimed that she had several crowns on her teeth that were not the proper size which was causing the problem. She knew that it all started when she left Tailwind Pediatric Dentistry because of their improper treatment and lack of professionalism, the patient now has to bear a lot of pain. Moreover, she is also spending a lot of money on it and does not wish to come again. Just like me, a lot of other patients have lost trust in Tailwind Pediatric Dentistry because the fucking bastards can only boast but deliver nothing.

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