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Published: 24 August 2017

Posted by: Harold M. Velasco

Tamea Sisco, a licensed chiropractor of Colorado performed an acupuncture with that license. In 2007, she lost her license because she performed her treatments with wrong and unlicensed medication. She did things outside of her scope as a chiropractor. She also engaged in prescribing her patented formula of various medications and distributed it through the neighborhood she worked. That was, by the court of law, an unwise step because she was not licensed to do so.
A Colorado Attorney wanted her to get a jail sentence because she had been posing as a doctor for a decade without a proper license and she endangered people’s lives by treating them. She committed a felony and she needs to be responsible for everything she did along the way.
She referred to herself as a doctor and dressed in white coat and that was very problematic if we keep in mind that she didn’t have any kind of license. She also patented amino and infusion formula for fast withdrawal symptoms for other drugs. That was very popular and she earned a lot of money by it. Even that was also not regulated by taxes which is the reason why the attorney wants to see her in jail. She prescribed and monitored this homemade formula without any license so she had to agree with the terms of court because she knew that she was wrong the whole time.
Even though she lost her chiropractic license, she treated Katrina Fullmer, the person who sued her afterward because she drugged her with dependable drugs in order to sell her formula that would ease her withdrawal symptoms. Katrina Fullmer stated that she was searching the program on the internet for easy withdrawal because she was on anti-psychotic medication and she wanted to try Sky Ridge, which was close to her home. That was the only reason she decided to go to this hospital. The thought that crossed her mind was the excitement because her hospital would be so close to her home.
She also sued Tamea Sisco because she gave her program without appropriate doctor supervision which cost her more than $15. In her lawsuit, she wrote that she suffered an allergic reaction to the medication she was prescribed by Tamea Sisco. Her skin was flushed and turned into bright red all across the body that was a very crazy and painful experience so she suffered mental and physical pain and withdrawal symptoms at the same time. Tamea Sisco gave her a prescription for a quarter of Xanax for breathing problems and anxiety, even though she was getting off from another similar medication. The prescription was not professional and Tamea Sisco took advantage of a vulnerable person.
The attorney of Katrina Fullmer was J. Reinan who was stationed in the Law office of J. M. Reinan and he filed lawsuits against Tamea Sisco and Amino kit Laboratories because they worked together. When the case came to the jury, it was alleged that Katrina Fulmer was promised 24 hours of supervised detoxification program.
She also told that she was undergoing a continuing course of detoxification and the person who supervised this treatment assaulted her sexually. The jury awarded her with $3. 5 million dollars but that was considered later and she was dismissed for that occasion.
In 2015, Tamea Sisco sued J. Reinan as a response to another lawsuit and because the complaint contained multiple false allegations. She also suffered a loss of reputation and emotional distress. In an economical way, she lost everything she had and all because of the previous court assembly in which J. Reinan sued her for various allegations which are still not concluded.
She became widely popular and various websites offered her an on-camera interview and she told that she had been doing that kind of thing for 20 years or more and that she is licensed. She also added that on Sky Ridge hospital, they have clean records of cured patients and successful practice. The State of Colorado doesn’t have a license just for detoxification and that was the flaw in court.
At Sky Ridge hospital, they also said that she had a license and they were shocked when they found out the truth. Even though she declined the request for an on-camera interview, they issued a statement that they had a long-term lease with a company called MOB for 99 years and they didn’t know that they are so unconfident after that kind of time. The response was caused because Katrina Fullmer and MOB denied responsibility saying that Katrina was doing everything on her own risk.
This case is a reality and the state can’t stop every person from illegally practicing medicine and prescribing non-allowed medicines. All one can do is be careful.

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