Tan Physics

A scam!

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Published: 29 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Yes I am  one of the many who fell for this scam unfortunately,  if I knew about them beforehand I would never go out for them. As I live in Australia this purchase costed me $63 and it is the worst self tanner I have ever used, I have tried many self tanners but never sticked to a single one there had been some good some very good and some bad but there is no category for this one.

It smells like toilet cleaner and once setting that familiar fake smell comes out, although the claim made by them is that it doesn’t smell. I did not have a healthy glow at all but either made me look older than I am and my skin looked rough and it brought out all my flaws and to the information I applied it properly. I looked at many reviews and wish that I have had that before a spontaneous purchase, all my research supports of it being the worst product. I went to their site and searched if there is any way to return it and get a refund and there wasn’t any. I sent them an email and could bet that the process of return will be a nightmare. Which is how they make money.

It will make you sticky, make you look orange, creates steaks and smells very strong and that also bad. My palms are the most tanned even after the extensive washing. It does practically look like chocolate syrup and am never gonna put that thing on my face ever again. I am so much disgraced by this product and would recommend to go for model.co, which is much much better than it which is never more than $10 which is so much cheaper than the sh*t like tan physics.

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