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Published: 12 January 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

DO NOT SIGN A CONTRACT WITH THIS COMPANY!!!! I have been a loyal paying customer for over 3 years with this company and like other complaint, my only complaint is with their policy on opting out of the contract when you move to a location that does not have a TAN YOUR HIDE location. This to me is very disturbing that they will let military out of a contract, but not a military person who recently retired and finds a job in another state. So, I am left with paying the highest amount possible ($69/month for the next year) because they will not consider my request for cancellation. Additionally, I had NOT even entered the contract yet, as I was still on the old contract. I tried cancelling just 1 week after I signed the contract and was told it was too late, there is absolutely no grace period for cancelling a contract, sign one day and you are immediately STUCK- no such thing as buyer’s remorse with this company!!! The staff ALWAYS tells you to email the corporate office and their answer is ALWAYS the same (NO- no matter what the situation is). Why bother with them telling you to email their office when you will get the same answer. Why not let your managers of each location make decisions instead of MICRO-MANAGING every decision/contract negotiation. Heck you could have a dying relative and have to move to take care of them and they would still say no. In addition, when they email you, it is so impersonal, the DO NOT even sign the email with a name or any comments that seem in any way sympathetic to your situation. Yes, this is stated in the contract but seriously who is going to sit there and read a freaking contract, and WHY DO THEY NOT tell you this when you go to sign up instead of making you read it or find out later you have no way out. Seems to me if you are actually and honest business, you would 1) tell people up front their options of getting out of a contract and 2) add a clause for those who want/need to opt out for a cancellation fee. There are way too many situations that arise in people’s lives for businesses not to have ANY sympathy to their customers. Really, how many honest businesses do not have cancellation clauses in their contracts? None that I know of. The only reason I rate this with one star is because they do have nice facilities and MOST of the staff are friendly.

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