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Tanya loves sleeping with married women – keep your men away

Tanya is someone you should hope to never meet. I honestly feel bad for everyone who knows her or is related to her. Because she’s a horrible, horrible woman and I’d be pretty ashamed if I even knew her. I’ll tell you why.
This bitch loves to break up families and homes. She’s a whore, to put it simply. She loves going after married men. I know because she slept with my friend’s husband. Even after she found out that he was married, she didn’t care. She continued sleeping with him without any regret. She works at a hospital in Champaign and lives in Springfield, Illinois. She has absolutely no self-respect or anything close to morals. It goes without saying that she doesn’t give a damn about others.
She committed a crime by accessing my friend’s medical records, which are supposed to be private! She’s white trash, and bitchy home wrecker. I believe in karma and I think it’s a bitch. So this woman will get her share sooner or later.
But until then, women everywhere, watch out for this whore. She will sleep with your husband and try to ruin your life, without any care or concern.

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