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These cold-blooded animals can’t manage anything

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Published: 03 May 2019

Posted by: Donnell

I don’t know if the doctors at Tarpon Orthopedics are good or not because I was already frustrated with their staff. The reception is horrible. They have made appointments a joke. The purpose of setting an appointment is to make sure that you get to meet the doctor at the designated time. And what do these guys do? They just give you a random figure to make you end the call. I’m saying this because, in all of my 4 visits, I had to wait for at least 30 minutes after the appointed time. In one visit, I had to wait for around 1.5 hours. The time management there is pathetic and even an 8-year old can handle the appointments better.

The receptionist just keeps the check-in slip where you put it and leaves it there. She doesn’t even bother to give a proper reply to your questions. When I had asked her how long it might take the doctor to see me, she simply told me ‘he’s busy’. That’s it. That’s all she had to say. I have seen patients in agony and a lot of pain who were made to sit in the waiting room with other people. These people don’t care about the patients and their well being. Those patients, who clearly required fast and immediate attention were just ignored. I don’t even know how this place is still up. They all should be thrown in jail or at least, their license should be revoked.

And do you know why I said I don’t know about their doctors’ ability? That’s because, at Tarpon Orthopedics, they kept shuffling the doctors on my case. My case was of simple back pain. But whenever I visited, I met a new doctor. And every time, I had to explain all the details to the doctor. It was irritating! These retards have no idea of how to run a proper clinic. The only thing these bastards do well is marketing. They lie everywhere. They market themselves as a caring and professional enterprise while in reality; they are just a bunch of selfish thieves who have no heart. These cold-blooded animals can’t manage anything. From a patient’s file to a simple appointment, they fail at everything.

Imagine explaining the same details to a different person when you’ve been made to wait for around an hour. It certainly wasn’t good for my back too. I ended up leaving the place because these people weren’t doing any good to me. The first time I visited the doctor, he told me to see him another time because he didn’t have the time to discuss my case in detail. At that time, I had thought this place is different. I thought it was caring and professional. But I was mistaken. On my second visit, I had to see another doctor, who after listening to everything, told me to come back again for a scan. In my third and fourth visits, the same stuff happened.

I can’t tell you how irritating, exhausting and blood-sucking my experience with Tarpon Orthopedics was. If I were you, I’d stay away from these guys.

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