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I had the most painful dental experience at Taylor Dentistry

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Published: 03 May 2019

Posted by: Juan

The staff has no sense of compassion or care for their customers. The dentists, hygienists as well as the others in the staff behave rudely and coldly. I had gone there for routine cleaning. The hygienist did the job roughly and it all was just horrible for me. The pain was too much for me. I was about to stop her but she stopped herself. That’s not all though. A little rough and cold behavior from a hygienist didn’t bother me as much as the lying of the dentist and the rest of the staff did. The entire place is full of fraudsters. Everyone at Taylor Dentistry is trying to deceive you. I learned this lesson the hard way. If I had any idea before this stuff took place, I would have never gone there in the first place.

The entire place reeks of fraud. I can say that because after the hygienist cleaned my teeth, she advised me to get an appointment with the dentist, which I did. I don’t know why I followed the advice of that witch. I thought she was serious. I also thought she must have seen something while cleaning my teeth. But for that, I had to get an appointment with those people.

I got an appointment for the next week. I got there, met the dentist and he checked my teeth. The dentist told me that I had 4 cavities which needed immediate treatment. I was in shock. I maintain proper oral hygiene and all of a sudden, I’m getting diagnosed with 4 cavities. Anyone would be as much disturbed as I was at that time. I asked the dentist to check my teeth again to make sure he hadn’t made a mistake. He checked again and shook his head saying that there really were 4 cavities. He told me that I should make an appointment with another treatment. When I went to the counter to make the appointment, they told me I was due $100 from my past cleaning.

I asked how was that possible because I was certain I had paid the amount in full. They told me there must have been an error on their part but I had to pay them $100. And that’s when I realized something was fishy about this place. Because no other professional place is that foolish. They kept insisting that I didn’t pay them the full amount and that I should pay before I leave. I was already a little disturbed and that only worsened the situation. I ended up paying them the $100 but I never returned there. I went to see another dentist to get a second opinion on my issue.

The other dentist told me that there was only one cavity in my teeth and everything else was fine. SO THE DENTIST AT TAYLOR DENTISTRY WAS LYING! I’m never going back there and I’d advise you to do the same.

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