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Rudy Kusuma, Nu Vison - Big Name False Action

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Published: 14 November 2018

Posted by: Harry

Nu Vison is a realtor company owned by Rudy Kusuma, based in Rosemead California. This Company displays a lot of properties- houses, apartments, etc on its site. But my humble request to you all is – don’t go for it. Don’t fall for their charade. They are cheats. Rudy Kusuma thinks he is some kind of a king of real estate. He and his partners namely Zillow, Remax, Remax Titanium, in fact the entire team of Nu Vision is running a scam for defrauding people with their advertisement strategies.

Basically their strategy is to land leads from this genuine sort of a website that they have created and probably spread positive reviews online so people believe them. They are actually no real estate agents. They are simply posing as real estate agents to get leads. They have no channel officers associated them or have any houses listed under them. They just want you to think they do.

Beware of them. You will give them a call and everything will seem normal. Someone will arrange a meeting at your place or any other place of your choice and come over. They will give you a presentation, which I promise is not worth at all. He took us to show the house that we were interested in. After he completed his seminar where he mentioned something about a VIP program or buyer VIP program or guaranteed program. That was when alarm bells went off in my head. We had seen houses before but this was stupidity. He must have thought we were new to the business. But both my husband and I are well versed on the subject. At the end of his nonsense talks, he said their services costed $895.00. We had already made up our minds to discard this person but when he heard him quote the price, we were really taken aback. What sort of real estate business charges you a service fee? And for what? That bullshit he talked to us? We sent him away and told him we would contact him after we had thought it through. We then did some research and found out that the property was not listed to these people at all. Not only that, these people, Rudy Kusuma, Zillow, Remax, Remax Titanium, they were not real estate agents at all. SO much for my husband and I being college graduates! We should have thought of conducting this research earlier. But who would have known such scams are also taking place these days. It was our first such experience and will most definitely be our last.

We have learnt our lesson and there is no way we will let such a thing happen to us again or to anyone we know. That is the purpose of writing this report. NUVISION is a FRAUD COMPANY. Don’t be its next victim! Be very very alert! They are only posing as real estate agents and are out there to run you dry. They don’t have any properties, real estate listed to them. They simple steal leads and hope to get a service fee. Many gullible people can fall for it. It’s well thought of and they are doing their best to pull it off. Be smart. Stay away from them. Report them!

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