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Published: 17 November 2019

Posted by: Sayyam

A Couple of days back i got a call from TechM “Pavan” who took telephonic technical interview(without any prior intimation) but i was ok and answered all the questions which happened about 40min. .After a couple of days i got a call from “Supriya” that i have been shortlisted for the Client round(usa) and it would be scheduled tomorrow night(Weekend Saturday, 29th july) and asked me to keep my slot 8pm to 10pm free.The next day i got a call from client after 10:15pm and it was techincal and i answered almost all the questions based on my project experience and the end of the call client gave me a positive response explaining the project that iam going to be apart and she even told me i would be working with some X person name aswell and i would get a call on tuesday(1st July) regarding the same..I was very happy on her response and was waiting for HR round to happen..On Monday i received a call from Supriya and she asked me few questions like, Did the interview happened, how did you do the interview?, I sed iam positive about the interview, i did well and i asked her about my feedback(Though i knew, i wanted to make sure)…Then she sed i have to wait till tomorrow to get the feedback and she asked me to do a favour, she wanted me to jot down all the questions that client had asked and the relevant answers that i gave so that she can analyze how i did(she would send me a test mail to which i have to reply all the questions and answers)..I was like WTF, how can a HR ask like this and how will she judge me based on my answers when she doesn”t know anything technical, i felt something fishy!!But still i sed i would share her the questions but i did not get any mail from her(May be she got some Bakra like me who already shared questions to her).. The Next day i called to her to know the feedback, she simply sed you did not go through the interview and don”t worry we will consider you for our next project, (what the hell????), i strongly asked her i got a positive feedback how come you do this? she replied how do you that client gave positive feedback?, i told her that client already shared me her feedback and told the person name with whom iam going to work, for a sec she did not speak but then she told me this time you did not get through..I hung up the call with disappointment..I started analyzing what could happen, i guessed something was not going right.. Do you know i was right. “Supriya K” who called me was not a HR in techM, she is a Project Manager(I came to know from a Mutual frnd working their), she wanted Client interview questions from me, may be she wanted them to share with her relatives, cousins or friends whom she wanted to place, so she played a cheap trick to me, these ppl just use n throw genuine ppl like me and would hire a worthless candidate and pay lakhs to them.. I got so depressed, If was normal i wouldn”t have been such depressed, but i left my baby 1.5yrs at my mom”s place and was sincerely struggling day and night to crack the interview after my maternity break, and what i got in return, cunning and cheap game play interview from so called highly professional designated Project Manger “Supriya K”…So guys plz beaware of this company and the ppl like them.. Don”t keep any hopes on TechM until and unless you receive your offer letter!!

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