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The Face of Market Manipulators

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Published: 19 January 2019

Posted by: Michelle

Teeka Tiwari is popular for his emergency webinar and all the people who attended that webinar state that it was a waste of time and resources.

His free 7-day course on crypto investing claims to make you an expert crypto trader. He targeted newbies and beginners who didn’t know much about cryptocurrencies and crypto trading. This course was portrayed as a get rich quick scheme, and it was meant to lure people who are desperate for money and financial freedom.

He claimed that he has a secret coin and inside information about major crypto names. He was telling people that he can help them make 20 times their investment, not only that he also claimed to do all this in only a couple of weeks. Teeka stated that he has more than $1 Million in bitcoins and he will give that money away to those who register their email address and attend the webinar.

Teeka gained a lot of attention in the crypto industry and created a lot of buzzes. He always gave vague hints as to which coin is his special mystery coin. It leads to many crypto experts trying to analyse which coin is Teeka’s mystery coin. He deliberately gave useless hints in order to make sure that no one really finds out about his so-called secret coin. After quite a lot of research, some crypto experts narrowed down the list to 7 – 10 coins, however, it was impossible to narrow it down further.

Tiwari’s hints suggested that the followings coins could have been the special ones: GNT, BAT, SYS, NEM, XRP & GRS. The main reason Teeka was promoting these specific coins in an indirect way is that he invested in these coins himself. There were a couple of other coins in the list as well. Even though we can guess what coin Tiwari was talking about, nothing can be said for sure, all his hints and clues were extremely vague.

On 4Chan, some people claimed to have known about the coin. All of these “leaks” didn’t have any solid proof of their claims and they came and went. One after another, people started making their own assumptions and started posting them on social media; it was like a chain reaction. Most of these people posted their claims anonymously and thus, it didn’t have any valid value.

There were dozens of assumptions but none of them was on XRP. Many people guessed that the coin might have been XRP but as every trader hated Ripple, no one really focused on this fact. Teeka Tiwari was purposely misleading people to think that the special coin was not XRP. He stated that not many people know about that coin and said that it was in similar positions with the other coins. And both of these things don’t fit well with Ripple. Every Crypto expert knows that Ripple is nowhere near the same position as the other coins and it has been through a massive 2000% gain phase already. It is possible that this might occur again in the future in the perfect circumstances.

Teeka SPAMMED me and all the other people in the crypto world with emails. All of these emails were promotional and shared a lot of resemblance to TV commercials.

The Infamous “Free” Course:

Tiwari offered a free course which aimed to teach the newcomers of the crypto industry about the basics. It covered topics like setting up a crypto account, etc. It seemed like a good course for beginners. However, this course was promoting some particular bitcoin buying getaways to the students. This was unethical advertising. I can let this fact go, as it would have gotten more people to get into the world of cryptocurrencies. But all the students of this course were spammed with advertisements and promotions by Teeka.

The Egoistic Webinar

Teeka also held webinars, which were basically a sales pitch. All the stuff that Teeka says in the webinars didn’t have any value, they consist of only bullcrap. He even lied about the information shared in the webinar. He was promoting people to make winning calls only, which is definitely not a good thing for a new crypto trader to do. Later he talks about some laws that can change the whole crypto arena. This information was actually usable and helpful, however, it was too obvious and old that almost everyone in the crypto world knows about it.

He proceeds to converse about some other coins he will be sharing with the students and how they will be benefitting from it. But he obviously doesn’t fulfil his promise.

Just so you know, the webinar is not live. It is actually pre-recorded and it is broadcasted to everyone as a live webinar. The footage even has a small LIVE icon in the corner of the screen which is only there for deceiving people. How am I so sure? Well, the so-called “LIVE” video was leaked on Facebook and Reddit and it showed that all the videos had the SAME transcript. All the words were the same; they didn’t have any variation whatsoever. Either Teeka Tiwari is a cyborg and can say the same thing in the same EXACT way thousands of time or the footage was recorded.

The transcript of the webinar states that the mystery coin is actually XRP. You might ask why was it even leaked in the first place, this is because this caused the coin to double dump and pump instead just a single one. Such behaviour is not seen in other coins. The graph peaked two times, the 1st spike was caused by the people who saw the webinar first hand and the 2nd spike was caused when the mystery coin information was leaked on the internet.

This incident happened again when the “live” video was played on the webinar. The prices hiked up again only to fall back down. The priced dropped even lower than before.

After a while they showed the other coin and then they didn’t, all of this was confusing people. Recently they hyped up a coin and hinted that caused damage to many coins and they dumped in value. This coin was none other than Zencash which these guys were portraying as their next teaser coin.

This kind of uncertain and irresponsible behaviour shows how credible they really are. This method made people think that whatever coin Teeka Tiwari talks about is going to get a hike in its price. This was a clear manipulation that Teeka was using for his own benefits. Whenever Teeka talked about ANY coin, its price would go up.

Teeka makes most of his money from paid consultations and mentorship that he provides to people. He has built a reputation which fools people into thinking that he is a good crypto trader. What people don’t realize is that Teeka tells the obvious facts that people already know about. I checked out his leaked reports and found out that there was nothing special or great in them, it consisted of only basic facts that I already knew. He does publish some cool gems like NEO however; such occasion is to see in Teeka’s case.

Tiwari is misusing his social influence for his selfish intentions. He has made tons of money and name for himself. His selfish methods for personal gains are directly affecting the community in the worst way possible. It is sad to see that Teeka is stealing money from the very people (who are new to crypto) who wish to join his group.

Now let us talk about ZenCash. I followed it for many months selling, buying, mining and holding it. However, in the last few weeks, I have gotten quite used to it. The feature that I like the most is “secure nodes”. This feature is yet to be released and I can’t wait to get my hands dirty on this bad boy. Whenever some news about these nodes strikes the market, the price of the coin hikes up. There were even rumours that the price of the coin might double when the nodes release.

Zencash hadn’t had a spike in quite a while and these secure nodes really seemed like a big thing for it. The people who have been with Zencash from the early days were finally going to get the reward of their commitment and patience. However, Teeka had some other plans. He bought the coin when it was low in price and used his influence to stirrup the hype and doubled the price of this coin.

Now Zencash is dumping as people realized that Teeka’s advice was total bullshit. Zencash was going to get strong soon, all Tiwari did was to speed up the process for his selfish desires. He forced the hike and disturbed the natural rise, the gradual climb would have been much better for the coin’s health, but Teeka doesn’t care about it.

XRP has lost significant value since its price revealed by Teeka. No one cares about Teek’as advice now as he has misused his influence too much. Ripple has a giant market cap as well. People have lost their faith in Teeka, the only thing that Teeka sells nowadays is his subscriptions, which are losing value over time too.

The black hat marketing strategy used by Teeka has backfired and he is suffering the consequences of his actions. What he did was completely unethical and that is why people no longer trust him. He didn’t think that his reality will be exposed. Maybe Teeka and Palm Beach Group only wanted to do this or maybe they had bigger scams in mind.

One thing is clear that Teeka Tiwari doesn’t have any credibility in the crypto industry as of now. I hope that the beginners in the crypto world do not buy random coins just because some bald guy in a suit is telling them to do so.

The fake giveaway of $1,000,000 Bitcoin

Teeka didn’t have ANY terms and conditions on this giveaway. Not having any TnCs show that this give away was fake. His promos stated that he is going to give the consumer a chance to win some part of the $1 million dollar Bitcoin giveaway, all they have to do is to sign up for his “live” webinar and give their email address. This was nothing but false advertisement which by the way, is totally illegal to do.

I have attached some interesting screenshots that you might want to check out.

He also claimed to give away $1,500 worth of free gifts to the attendees of the webinar, but no one seemed to receive any of those gifts. Moreover, there was no clear way of redeeming these gifts as well. All of it was just vague information that was only provided to lure people.

He gives away a “report” which can be found here at this link (www.teekatraining.com/special-report_oie837.html). He claims that this report costs $1,500 but it is defiantly not worth that much. I read the whole 7-page report and all the information provided in it is just too basic. I can’t imagine anyone paying more than $20 bucks for something like this. There are much better courses and books online that you can check out, which cost nothing and provide much more information.

After signing up for the course, I had to wait for a week, receiving training material. The training material emphasized on the broadcast being live. They kept implying that the broadcast will be live and that it will get rebroadcasted as well. Let me tell you that it was a pre-recorded footage with the live comments enabled.

They had a little red box placed at the upper right corner of the video to make it seem like the recording is live. Teeka claimed that he was able to see the live sub-count of his event. He made a promise of the giveaway, which I have mentioned earlier.

The giveaway was actually a discount to his course and nothing special. The coupon isn’t a real discount too. You’re supposed to receive $200 worth of BTC (bitcoin) through this offer after you purchase his $2,500 course. He would send the bitcoin to the wallet address you provide him with. The dodgy part is, he can simply buy that much bitcoin from the money you paid him for the course so there isn’t any special offer here.

He also claims that his team will perform the giveaway during the event. But it was another lie. They also lied about giving away all of the amounts. You wouldn’t get the offer unless you joined his group through a specific method.

To deceive commoners, Teeka said in his emails that he was giving away $1 million dollars of Bitcoin because he believed in the rise of this investment. In reality, it’s a foolish time to buy Bitcoin. The price has dropped for more than $1,000 since I did his training and it’s sure to keep falling this way.

His main goal was to get money out of people’s pockets. He is a greedy scammer. The only person to benefit from his live training was him and nobody else. You might think I’m lying but the following numbers will clarify this situation further:

If he is giving away $1,000,000 worth of Bitcoin, it means for 5,000 users he only needs to give away $200 worth of bitcoin. For 5,000 users, he’ll be making $11.5 million dollars for doing literally nothing. Another red flag is his payment method. He is boasting about bitcoin and crypto but he doesn’t accept them for his payments. No, he uses only a specific transaction service for accepting his course’s payments. In the following screenshots, you’ll see what kind of payment methods were available to buy his courses.

Laws about Competition and Giveaways

There are strict laws regarding giveaways and frauds related to them. One law states that you mustn’t mislead or misdirect people or ask them to go to a third party site for collecting their prize. This is illegal and it can cause some serious repercussions.

When I signed up on Teeka’s website, which is Teekatraining.com, I was redirected to Palm Beach Research Group’s site. This is shady behaviour but not enough to land him in a lawsuit. I guess he had a team of lawyers helping him when he was creating this devious scheme. He also lied about giveaway stating that you can get free bitcoins just for attending his event and doing nothing. I’m certain he broke a few laws (or was close to breaking them). He basically said that you can win bitcoins just for showing up and when you do, you have to purchase a product to become eligible. That’s fraud.

I’m certain he breached the privacy of his customers too. Take a look at the screenshot below and focus on the bottom left popup.

It shows the name of the customer as well as his address. Now, Teeka didn’t ask for permission about showing the customers’ face or their information when they signed up. And his website didn’t ask for an address when I signed up for the course. This means he either was showing fake customers to increase his authenticity or breaching the privacy of his customers.

There was no T&Cs present on the website around this topic. And I’m certain that he was using the people’s Gmail address locations for showing this data. Again, he didn’t ask for any permission regarding displaying such information. I know about these snippets and tickers.

Scammers and E-commerce fraudsters use these tickers to trick people into thinking their products are awesome. When a person falls for these tickers and buys their product, he or she finds out that the product was actually terrible and didn’t match the looks or standards at all.

The Special Guests of His Event

Teeka had mentioned the names of many bitcoin entrepreneurs and experts as special guests of his event. This was another reason why so many people fell for this scam.

He lied about the attendance of Roger Ver, who is also called the Bitcoin Jesus. He also lied about Chandler Guo. Both of them were absent from the event and he didn’t mention them as well. When did he know they weren’t going to show up then why did he use their names in the first place?

Only two special guests arrived on the show. The unfortunate fact is, Teeka didn’t let them share any value or even speak a little about crypto as well. Charlie Shrem and Anthony Di Lorio were the two special guests who attended Teeka’s event.

Out of them, only Charlie shared some information about bitcoin but that wasn’t much either. He wasn’t allowed to speak at all. Anthony on the other hand was only endorsing Teeka and his million dollar giveaway. I’m sure Anthony knew about the scam all along. He didn’t share any knowledge or information regarding crypto but kept rambling about Teeka and his expertise.

Apart from the special guests, Teeka was using the name of Vitaliks multiple times. When I did some research, I didn’t find any connections between the two of them. VItaliks is an impressive guy and if he had been present in the event, it surely would have been awesome. But he wasn’t there and his name wasn’t present on the guests’ list as well.

Concluding Thoughts

Teeka gives some good advice regarding cryptocurrency but he is manipulating people and lying about the returns as well. He is giving fake offers and marketing false giveaways. His claim of giving free bitcoins for attending his event was a clear lie.

I’m grateful that I found out the reality behind Teeka and the Palm Beach Research Group. The hype around both of them is nothing. They don’t have much value to share. For those who have experience in crypto, Teeka isn’t really a threat. But for those who are new to this industry, I’m afraid Teeka is the wrong option.

I suggest staying away from this guy and his company. They both are malicious and it would be better if you kept your distance.

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