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TeleReach Corporate are not only frauds but also deadbeats! Sue them!!

I have been living in Houston with a family for the last 10 years or so. After my wife met with an accident last summer, things went really tough for us in life. As we both had been working and carried on our responsibilities well together. Her sudden immobility along with huge hospital bills made me really behind and I also lost my job, as I had been taking care of here on leaves.

I was really disappointed when I came to come across the legit website for this company over the web that sounded great. Tracie Chancellor who was the founder of the company had surely managed to get the stuff written really well, sound legit and trust me it all looked way to positive for at least an idiot like me.

I applied for a job on the portal and the next day itself they called me u for a meeting. I had never done cold calling or anything, in a way I was just like an outta collage guy for their comp.
However Ms. Jones, who took my round, appreciated with commitment and thought that I could be groomed for this otherwise very easy, interesting and rewarding job.

This bitch just kept on luring me for the money I cud make working with them. There were no formalities needed here, people cud walk in their PJs here and the only thing mattered were their numbers and they could write their own pay checks.
I was in a bad shape, needed the job and this irritating woman just knew all of that. They hired me on a comparatively lower package, made me work for extra hours, in the name of exposure, made me slog like an ass the whole damn month and by the end of it, just sloshed my pay saying that this goes into the training account.

I cud never reach the founder, my coworkers were anyways rugged dopers….the mangers and the supervisors were nothing less than thugs themselves.

Trust me guys, I took this as a challenge and work there for another 3 months. They kept paying me in small installments. Never released my whole pay out, even till date!

This is just not a company, its running on the blood of honest and true employees like me. The founder, her tamed dogs who run the whole show for her, keep a side log of staff like me, juts to fulfill their targets for shorter course of time and after extracting the maximum work and profit outta them, they give a damn!

These bastards never gave me my Emp ID, no paperwork, as they kept saying I was still under training and once confirm I will get all of that. These blood suckers are nothing less than creeps and leaches.

I request in front of several other like me, who just out of money jumps in and starts working, without any info about the comp, no legal findings…..just research well, think and then start. Please make sure to take your paperwork in the beginning itself, no matter what the losers at Telereach Corporate say!

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  1. carl October 15, 2018

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