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Published: 24 April 2019

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welcome the the U.S. where you go to the store and when you enter through the doors you realize there is something different, they speak Spanish and you do not. you go to all American restaurants like KFC and wonder why the chicken tastes different or why you notice some blood on your drumstick, they speak Spanish and you do not. you go to a business and apply for a position which you qualify for in every aspect but one–they speak Spanish and you do not. you put on a combat uniform and fight for the U.S. and you return to YOUR hometown and wonder why they could care less if you risked your life so they don’t have to and you realize its because they speak spanish and you do not. This does not apply to all of those who are of Hispanic origin but only to those who intend to make it difficult for born and raised English speaking red blooded Americans by constantly reminding them that there is a double standard, welcome to the U.S. where being American is now second on the list.

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