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Published: 27 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Be Warned, Tencersherman, sam sherman and now sdlitigators.com is the same operators, they have recently changed name as they have got a ripp off report on them for exposing a scam. Google tencersherman.com and you will see the original post they tried to hide from. Sam sherman a scamming attorney just started out in business on his own only months ago, he has partnered up with a character of the name of Phil Tencer. Sam sherman was representing a scammer, a fraudulanet agent named Glenn Richardson, he had scammed a charitable event by using celebrity names to extract large deposits .celebritytalent.net . After scamming people of their deposit Glenn Richardson turned to sam sherman of Tencersherman of now sdlitigators.com. Sam sherman began with his pathetic threats, for us to destroy the evidence, to never contact his client as he will put a restraining order against us, and wait for it, he will sue us for damages? Once we had exposed him,sam sherman, we tried to resolve it with them direct as we held the evidence of being scammed. We posted on rippoffreport.com what does same sherman and tencersherman do? They changed there name to sdlitigators.com so people cannot find what a moron sam is, what a scam they are operating or what pathetic threats and advice they give to their clients. They will get to read this report , so this is the last time i will be polite with them. If they try and change thier name again to run from their scam or their pathtic advice i will also post about Phil Tencer, seems unfair? well no, he is the one who registered the new name, rather trying to resolve the issue they think they can run, unfortuantley from the internet you cannot hide. I will continue to expose you guys until you become credible and give honest advice to people, you want to stick your nose in somes life and threaten you will sue a victim of fraud? Well news for you, people should know what shonks and idiots you are. If you try and hide again by name change i will distribute large volumes of press releases online, google news will have a feild day. I want sam sherman to feel what it is like to firstly loose money and know how bad it is to be chased and attacked and exposed online, once he gets a good feel of it he will understand were poeple are coming from. Leave it with me Sam sherman, i will turn you into a decent man by the time im done with you, i have tried to call you and settle this and you acted like a12 year old and hung up the phone. I will sue Glenn Ricahardson, should only take two hours in court, if you get invovled and make it more difficult to drag things along i will have more fun, consider this a freindly remnder 🙂 piss off and try being much more credible and stop taking peoples money and giving pathetic advice. You cannot hide behind your label of being an attorney why? Its legal to post the truth and an opinion of you online, and let me tell you, i have an opinion of you that people need to know.

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