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Published: 27 March 2019

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State of Arizona Governor Janice Brewer: Pray for The State of Arizona for her shame is on all of us. Arizona has gone astray from the usual way of treating prisoners. We the other forty-nine states must act in prayer that the inflicting attitude of rendering evil for evil will not spread through out our territories, as well. And Arizona will take her hand from the evil of rendering evil for evil to her prisoners and also the pride of it. For we may all be consumed by her iniquity. Amusement from mistreatment of prisoners who are helpless to fight back? As to do likewise to our own prisoners? Lord I pray not. For mistreatment of prisoners could be the downfall of our great nation. As biblical principals, (The foundation of our laws and nation), are abandoned, mankind’s love grows cold. Matthew 24:12. We should also pray that Arizona will understand why she should be in shame and closing down the Tent City Jail (see tent city jail www) which has been an issue of controversy since it was established in 1993. Many Americans want to see the jail closed down. And the sheriff Joe Arpaio who runs the jail fired. So to be a monument of “Things not to do” like Auschwitz, Germany. So as prisoners are released back in society, the evils of Arizona’s attitude won’t be a curse onto our people, our children, and our children’s, children. By approaching Arizona in love, maybe we can get her back? For she has surely strayed from what made this a great country as a whole. Pursuing our happiness, we miss you Arizona! Get well cards can be sent to the Arizona’s Governors Office. Let peace, compassion, freedom, and love for people, in our pursue of happiness reign through out our land! Relating to spiritual aspects: As Christians: is not our duty to hold the door closed on latter day events from happening, to give more time, for more people to be born, have a chance of pursuing happiness, and live forever? 1 Peter 3:8,9.: 1 Thessalonians 5:15

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