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The waiting time is terrible, the billing staff is pathetic

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Published: 28 June 2019

Posted by: Bridget

Dr. Teplick’s clinic is full of useless bastards who don’t know what they are supposed to do. Those people have no idea what their duties are and how they should perform them. They are too retarded for all that. The staff of that place is terrible and Dr. Teplick himself is no good. He doesn’t trust his patients. I never got to meet the guy properly. The chances of you getting scammed by these people are very high.

I had contacted Dr. Teplick’s clinic for a consultation. His website claims that the consultation is free. They told me that I’ll need to visit the clinic for the proper consultation. They took my insurance details to register me as a patient. I thought that was unnecessary but I realized later on as to why they were taking my insurance details. They wanted to get that information so they can charge me for everything. The consultation didn’t last more than 3 or 4 minutes. But I thought the consultation was free so I didn’t worry much. The doctor there who was not Dr. Teplick, by the way, told me to get an appointment with Dr. Teplick for better diagnosis and discussion. That consultation wasn’t much. It was full of fluff. But the problem arose later when I booked an appointment with Dr. Teplick. They told me that they’ll have to charge for it in advance because Dr. Teplick remains busy all the time. I had no problems with that advance charge at that time. I paid them $100 for it and they gladly took it. Later on, I got notified that they had charged me $300 for the consultation. I thought I was reading it wrong but they had really charged $300 to my insurance. I couldn’t believe it.

So I went back to their clinic to complain about the bogus charge. They had claimed on their website that the consultation was free. If it wasn’t free then they should have mentioned that on the site too. They started telling me that free consultation wasn’t applicable here. They started stating different policies and made me feel as if I was the one who had made the mistake. Then one of their staff members called me a B*TCH! He was saying something like ‘stop bothering us b*tch we got work to do’. The staff there has no sense of decency or manners. The appointment I had paid for got canceled a day later because Dr. Teplick had to leave town. But just like the bogus charge on the free consultation, they didn’t issue me any refund for the appointment. I requested them a couple of times but I don’t like to beg. I’m just sharing my story so you understand that Teplick Custom Vision is full of pigs and retards. They are thieves who will snatch away the money from your hands whenever they’d get the chance. Better stay away from them.

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