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Published: 07 October 2018

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May 2014 our lawyer paid Jacki Barbieri, of Terra Incognita, $7500 to train a donated Lagotto, to be used as a service dog for our special needs child, now 9yo, who had undergone a terrible trauma, and was extremely anxious. My husband is in End Stage Renal Failure and on dialysis. I am on oxygen and mostly in a power chair, so the trip to meet her was quite difficult. She told us she would deliver the dog, and stay to give us the handlers course. She also said she would provide a years supply of food, heartworm medicine, all supplies, a year of vet services with an emergency fund set up, etc. She also was planning on donating a large sum of money back to us, because it came from a small trust fund set up after her trauma. We heard endless excuses why she couldn’t come, and she ended dropping off the dog over an hour away, in November, staying just long enough to show us how nicely she walked. The dog actually had a pronged collar on. She gave us a quart sized bag with food, telling us she was having more shipped. We didn’t get any papers. She gave us an old crate, an old leash and told us she would return after her cruise to train us. She never shipped a thing, and told us she would send it all again. Nothing ever arrived and she couldn’t provide a tracking number. The dog was not trained. she would jump on everyone, steal food off the table, chew everything in sight, bark to go out all night, scratch our doors, etc. The dog was supposed to disrupt behaviors, calm our child, prevent her from running, do search and rescue if needed, and stay with her. The dog does nothing , often dysregulates my child, and in fact has nipped at her and snapped at her face, which has us re homing her for safety reasons, further traumatizing our child. After being put off so long, and never receiving any services or training, I told Jacki she would have to speak to our attorney. Jacki Barbieri emailed our attorney in December, asking how to return the money to the trust, since the dog didn’t work out. It has been over four months and she has not done so. She would not provide proof of rabies, etc, so we had to take her to the vet and have everything done.We now are litigating to get our child’s money returned to her. Jacki Barbieri has victimized our daughter all over again, and I believe targeted us because we are so disabled and living on social security. This is not the first time she has been involved in bad business practices, but to steal from a little girl is just heartless. Shame on you Jacki, you did nothing but lie to us and acted without a speck of decency or honor! You have made life so much harder for us. We will see you in court. .

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